“You are Finished” Sunanda Threatened Tharoor before Her Death, Domestic Help Reveals

Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor at a private party in Dubai. Photo courtesy Khaleej Times/Mohammed Mustafa
Photo courtesy Khaleej Times/Mohammed Mustafa

NEW DELHI – Former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor’s domestic help Narain has made some sensational disclosures to police in Sunanda Pushkar murder case, according to some media reports.

Narain has revealed that one ‘Sunil sahab’ visited Sunanda at Hotel Leela Palace two days before her death and helped her tweet and ‘copy’ some messages. This person, however, is yet to be identified.

Narain has also disclosed that before her death, Sunanda had called up  Shashi Tharoor and said, “ you are finished. I have revealed everything to media.” Narain’s statement, however, does not mention anything about what revelation she was talking about.

According to Narain, Shashi and Sunanda were constantly exchanging heated words for at least one year before Sunanda died. According to Narain, Sunanda had once told Shashi Tharoor,” you don’t care about me. You were glued to phone even when I was ill.”

Narain is an old trusted domestic help of Shahshi Tharoor. Even Sunanda trusted him and took him along with her whenever she travelled abroad.

“I have been working with sahab (Tharoor) since October 22, 2010. My work is to cook meals for madam (Sunanda) and sahab and iron clothes besides doing other things.

For the past one year (before Sunanda’s death), there were frequent fights between madam and sahab. Last year in December, I had gone to Dubai and sahab and Madam came later.

There, I saw the first big fight between the two; I don’t know the reason. Madam hit sahab and he was hurt in the leg. Madam told sahab that ‘you don’t care for me even when I am unwell and have been glued to your phone’,” Narain said in his statement.

Recalling the incidents of January 15, Narain mentioned a fight and the events that followed it. “Madam went to (room no.) 307 with Sunil sahab and started tweeting on sahab’s phone and copying stuff from there.

(Madam kamra number 307 me sunil sahib ke saath jaa kar sahab ke phone par twitter karne lagi aur copy karne lagi.) Raat ko madam ne sahib ko phone pe kaha Tharoor sahib aap khatam ho gaye, maine media ko sab bata diya hai’.”

Room number 307 of Leela Hotel is where Sunanda was staying initially.

Narain in his statement says that later two friends of madam and the mysterious ‘Sunil sahib’ came over. “Sahab came on Jan 16 and asked me to switch on the TV. I was not feeling well and I went home. Later, when I came back, I found that they had shifted to (Room no. 345) and madam was not taking calls,” he told the cops.
“Madam asked me to call sahab, and when sahab didn’t answer, she asked me to send Bajrangi (the other help) home. Later, when madam called sahab, he said he was packing for his Jaipur trip and that he would be back. He returned around 12.30am. After that madam and sahab fought till 4.30am.

In the morning, between 4.30am and 5 am, madam was speaking to someone on the phone. They fought till 6.30am (January 17) and sahab went to the other room,” Narain told the cops.

He said Tharoor called him up around 4.30pm on January 17 to ask about Sunanda’s health and he had told him that she did not seem well and had not eaten properly.

“He asked me to wake her up and I did (try to do so) but she didn’t respond. Later sahab came and then told the manager to call the doctor.

The doctor said she had died after which sahab’s PA informed the police. The police came after half an hour,” said Narain. — indiatvnews.com


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