Yogi Govt Slaps NSA against Activist Javed Mohammad  


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NEW DELHI — The Uttar Pradesh government has slapped the stringent National Security Act (NSA) against Javed Mohammed, an activist from Prayagraj who is in jail since early June over his alleged role in fomenting protests over anti prophet remarks in the city. 

Under the NSA, Mohammad can be kept in jail for a year without charge or trial. 

On June 10 evening, he was detained from his home by UP police and subsequently jailed on the charges that he was the “mastermind” of the protests that rocked the city that day. His wife and daughter were also kept in custody for two days. 

On June 12, the city administration aided by police rolled in bulldozers and demolished his home. The authorities justified the move saying that his house was an ‘illegal’ structure but the family refuted such charges and alleged that they were being subjected to ‘vendetta’ and ‘collective punishment’. 

Mohammad, who is associated with the Welfare Party of India is said to have been part of the local peace groups in the city and would assist the administration in civic and law and order matters. His daughter Afreen Fatima is a prominent Muslim activists in the country who is known for rasing her voice against the atrocities meted out to the community.  

The demolition of their home made national and international headlines and evoked condemnation from human rights groups and opposition parties as well. 

The family has filed a petition in the Allahabad high court challenging the demolition. They have also filed a bail application for Mohammad in the lower court claiming that he is innocent and being wrongly framed for his pro-community work. 

Meanwhile, PUCL, a civil liberties group while issuing the alert about the latest development condemned the NSA against Mohammed. 


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