Yet Another Rally in the Heart of Delhi Spews Venom against Muslims

Hundreds of Hindutva supporters on Sunday, 08 August 2021, gathered at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar seeking changes in Indian penal Code. Photo: Clarion India

Hindutva-aligned men and women gathered at Jantar Mantar demand repeal of ‘anti-Hindu’ laws

Zafar Aafaq | Clarion India

NEW DELHI — Hundreds of Hindutva men and women on Sunday gathered at Jantar Mantar demanding repeal of British era laws from Indian Penal Code that they said are “anti-Hindu”. They also demanded one code for the entire country.

But like any other Hindutva event, the rally was also marked by disinformation, lies, hate speeches and Islamophobia.

The call for the rally was given by Supreme Court lawyer and a Hindutva ideologue Ashwani Upadhyay who addressed the gathering amidst chants of Jai Shree Ram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

The rally demanded that “222 black laws” made by English should be abolished from the penal code.

Upadhyay said in his speech: “These laws were made to jail Veer Savarkar (a pre-Independence Indian leader known as the founding father of the Hindu nationalist politics); to hang Bhaghat Singh, Sukh Dev and Raj Guru. This law was also made to Lathi charge Lala Lajpat Rai.”

He pointedly cited the example of recent post-election violence in West Bengal and migration of Hindus from Kashmir at the outbreak of militancy to explain how the Police Act of 1800s stops police from “firing” at people.

“These British laws were made without any consultation with the people of India,” Upadhyay said.

The rally was apparently part of the larger campaign of the Sangh Parivar and its supporters seeking “One nation one endowment”, anti-conversion laws, same laws in every state, single tax code everywhere, same syllabus for schools across the country and a population control Bill.

The participants made small groupings and shouted hate-filled slogans against Muslims. “Jab Mulle Kate Jaenge Ram Ram Chillaayenge (When Mulle, a derogatory reference to Muslims, would be chopped off they would cry Ram Ram).”

Some of the participants distributed flyers carrying genocidal hate content in Hindi against Islam.

“Hindu groups always protest against Muslims which shows their cowardice. They stay within constituional and legal limits. This is possibly because Hindus are not capable of committing  genocide,” said one flyer titled “Islam Ka Vinaash” (Annihilation of Isam) making open call for violence. Claiming that Islam cannot be dealt with raising hue and cry, it asks Hindus to awaken and “resort to terrorism to fight terrorism”.

It concludes by saying: “Don’t protest, rebel. Don’t make noise. Annihilate them. Anyone who seeks end of Islam should call on the number” given on the flyer.

The rally was also marked by discussions around bogus anti-Muslim theories of Love Jihad, Mughal rule, increasing Muslim population, Shaheen Bagh protests, Rohingya refugees, etc.

A participant alleged that Christians were giving rice bags to poor Hindus to convert.

It was evident that the rally was also a campaign for the upcoming assembly elections in Uttar pradesh. “If Hindus do not awaken and support Hindu parties then UP will become Islamic state,” said an activist while addressing a group of Bajrang Dal supporters.

Several small Hindutva groups also joined the rally.

Vinay Singh, who runs a group for “protection of temples” said that he has come to New Delhi demanding “restoration of 4 lakh temples”.

Upadhyay announced that such rallies will now be held in other cities and towns of India. “Those who have not been able to come here today, I tell them I will now come to your city.”

“We freed our country from British but their laws are still in our system. Entire nation is behind Ashwani Upadhyay. We want nationalist in our country. We want a population control law on the pattern of China which applies to Hindus, Muslims and all,” said 29-year-old Sunil, a participant in the rally who had come from Haryana’s Faridabad town. “Our nation will progress if we follow our culture instead of the Machiavellian system of education.”


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