Yasin Malik, Family Including Baby Thrown Out of Delhi Hotel


Yasin-MalikSRINAGAR, Dec 3 —  Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front has said that its chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik and his family had to spend several hours on road in Delhi after they were forced to leave the hotel booked by them, reported Press Trust of India.

Malik and his family, including his 18-month-old daughter, went to Delhi on Sunday and booked two rooms in a hotel near Nizam-ud-din, the JKLF said in a statement.

However, they were asked to leave around midnight by the hotel management, the group alleged.

Malik and his family had to wait on the roadside for several hours before they took shelter in a friend’s house, the statement said.

“If Delhi gets upset due to our presence there, it should formally introduce a law that could prevent the people of Kashmir from visiting the national capital,” it said.

“Only due to the person’s political ideology, he was thrown out of the hotel along with his family. Such action cannot be legitimized at any level,” the statement said.


  1. Is this happening in the largest democracy, or it is the “damn-u-cracy where people of such stature are treated in this manner.


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