Women Protesters Block Road after Kanpur Police Cane-Charge Them after Midnight

Kanpur women protesters blocking roads against the police lathi-charge

Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

KANPUR – Thousands of women protesters blocked the road here on Monday after the police cane-charged anti-CAA women protesters in the wee hours. Cops allegedly acted with the motive of breaking up the month-long sit-in by women in Mohammed Ali Park against the CAA-NRC-NPR.

Talking to Caravan Daily, protester Saheefa Khan explained the context: “A protest was going on in the park. The administration gave an ultimatum to the protesters to disperse, but they refused to do so. Then, policemen cane-charged the women. In utter disgust, the women streamed onto the road and more women joined the protest there later. Altogether, around 2,000 women sat on the road and blocked traffic.”

She also said since there were fewer women at the park in the wee hours, no one was seriously injured in the cane-charge.

Blocking the road, the women raised slogans demanding withdrawal of the cases registered against the protesters over alleged violence and action against the cops who cane-charged them.

According to Shaheefa, the police resorted to cane-charge claiming the women were violating the ban on assembly under section 144. “They want to intimidate us and end the protest through such harsh actions. This is unacceptable. The protest was going on peacefully. No unconstitutional activities were committed,” said Saheefa.

She said a lot of pressure was being exerted on the women to end the protest. “They are willing to do so if the administration withdraws all the cases slapped against the anti-CAA protesters.”

Earlier, the UP police resorted to lathi-charge and firing of tear gas at the women protesters in the wee hours in Azamgarh’s Billaryaganj area. Many people have been booked under serious charges of sedition and rioting.

The brutal crackdown unleashed by the UP police on the anti-CAA protesters in December claimed around two dozen lives. Thousands of the protesters have been booked and hundreds have been arrested.



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