Why There is Tearing Hurry to Pass Controversial Talaq Bill: Asks Muslim League in Parliament

Muslim women protest in Lucknow against Triple Talaq Bill. — File photo

Our Correspondent

NEW DELHI —  Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) on Monday questioned the ‘desperation’ of the BJP-led government for bringing the controversial Triple Talaq Bill in the very beginning of the first session of the 17th Lok Sabha.

Laying bare the double standard of the government on Sabrimala issue, IUML said the government has no business to interfere in one’s religious matters. It also termed the President’s speech at the joint session of Parliament as “quite disappointing” which failed to mention any major issues confronting the people in the country.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha on the Motion of Thanks to President’s Address, IUML leader P K Kunhalikutty wondered “why the government is hell-bent on getting through the controversial TT legislation in a tearing hurry?

“Is Triple Talaq so alarming that the government has brought out the legislation on the very beginning of this Session. Hon’ble Supreme Court has already declared it void.”

Kunhalikutty also asked the government whether it did set up the corpus fund for rehabilitating the triple talaq victims.

“The government talks about the rehabilitation of victims of Triple Talaq. What is the contingency plan that the government so far made for the victims. Do you have any corpus fund for their rehabilitation?”

He also criticized the government for turning a civil matter into a criminal one as the controversial bill calls for 3-year jail term for the husband who pronounces instant triple talaq.

“When you are intimidating with a criminal clause on a civil agreement dispute and put the husbands behind bars for 3 years, who will take care of the welfare of the victims.”

He urged the government to stop playing politics with the religious freedom of the citizens of this country. Pointing out the government’s double standards on women’s issues, he alleged that it is playing politics with women issues.

It is to be noted that before tabling the Talaq bill again in Lok Sabha, the government even did not deem fit of holding consultation with the stakeholders while it acted differently on Sabarimala issue which is concerning the faith of lakhs of women devotees, he said.

“Why the government is in a hurry to bring in this Legislation in haste without even holding threadbare consultations with the stakeholders. They act differently on the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court. Why are they not bringing out any legislation on the Sabarimala issue? “

 Is it not something alarming that on a similar issue concerning the faith of lakhs of women devotees, the government is playing politics, Kunhalikutty asked, who is hails from Kerala and is legislative party leader in Lok Sabha where IUML has three members.

He said priorities of the government set in the President address were “Triple Talaaq”, “one nation – one election” but strangely it was quiet on several pressing issues such as unemployment and economic slowdown.

“It is sad that Hon’ble President’s address was quite uninspiring, hollow and full of platitude. It missed several pressing issues such as unemployment and economic slowdown.  It is nothing but just a repetition of statements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which he made during the electioneering.”

He further pointed out that there was no mention of action plan for building ‘New India’ while the tall claims made about development, growth, and inclusiveness did not match the reality.

He also lambasted the ruling party’s talk of “One Nation, one election” asserting that it will only kill the basic principles of the federal structure and will impose the authoritarianism on the States and added that in a diverse country like India,  the simultaneous elections are not feasible.

There is no data on employment generation and the road map for the next five years is again full of false promises like what they made 2014, he added.

He said the government has given thrust on ‘Make in India’ programme but nothing was achieved under this so far.

He said the BJP fought the election on development issue but at the end of the tenure the agenda was completely twisted and the narration was changed to National security. He referred to Congress leader Adhir Choudhary’s speech in Lok Sabha stating that the Prime Minister has the art of good marketing and won in his mission.


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