Why Are People Concerned For Job Security of A DD News Anchor on Independence Day?

Tiranga came falling from post after BJP chief Amit Shah pulled wrong string at BJP headquarters in New Delhi on 15 August 2018.

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NEW DELHI: While the entire nation is celebrating the Independence Day today, several people on Twitter are praying for a news anchor of state-run DD News TV channel in the National Capital. They are concerned that the anchor could lose his job for a word that came out of his mouth spontaneously during the live commentary of flag hoisting at the headquarters of BJP.

BJP chief Amit Shah was hoisting the flag at the party office. Several leaders of the party were in attendance. The program was being telecast live on the state-run national TV and some anchors were doing live commentary of the event. While unfurling the flag, Shah inadvertently pulled the wrong string and the flag came down crashing instead of going up. At that juncture, the live commentary stopped and there was a pin-drop silence for a few seconds. Seeing the unfortunate incident, a spontaneous but very low reaction came from one anchor. “chu chu chu”, said the anchor and after a few seconds and in a lower volume, he said “disaster”.

People Praying For DD News Anchor:

The anchor’s reaction has set Twitter in motion, with a number of people coming up praying for him – in the context of recent resignations of senior journalists at a TV channel for running a show that could not please the establishment.

Joy: At 17 Seconds, the DD News Anchor said “Disaster”. Pray for him

Ankit Lal: Hope the DD News anchor doesn’t go on morning walks…

BaBu: I am worried for DD news anchor.

Ikramul Haq: The DD News anchor said “disaster”. I am now worried about his job.

Unofficial Sususwamy: Pin drop silence by DD News anchor/Commentator when Amit Shah dropped the National Flag while hoisting in BJP HQ.

Sanjay: I hope the BJP cell of 250 media watchers have seen this and they bring it to the kind attention of PMO and Amit Shah’s office so that they can pursue the matter of DD news anchor anguishing all over the disastrous flag hoisting ceremony on the live TV.

Amit Shah Being Trolled For Dropping Tiranga:

Meanwhile, Opposition parties and leaders and civil society members have trolled Amit Shah for the flag-dropping incident.

Congress: जो देश का झंडा नहीं संभाल सकते, वो देश क्या संभालेंगे? 50 साल से ज्यादा देश के तिरंगे का तिरस्कार करने वालों ने अगर ये नहीं किया होता तो शायद आज तिरंगे का ऐसा अपमान न होता। दूसरों को देशभक्ति का सर्टिफिकेट देने वालों को राष्ट्रगान का तौर-तरीका तक पता नहीं।

Arvind Kejriwal: प्रकृति का खेल भी अजब है। कोई कितना भी शक्तिशाली क्यों ना हो जाए, प्रकृति के सामने सब छोटे हैं। बताइए, तिरंगे ने अमित शाह के हाथों लहराने से मना कर दिया। इस तिरंगे के ज़रिए भारत माता कुछ कह रही है – कि वो दुःखी है।

K.C. Singh (Former diplomat): Seen black & white video of Union Jack lowered 71 years ago but BJP president does a first with Indian Tiranga !

Preeti Sharma Menon: @narendramodi drinks water during the anthem and @AmitShah drops the (flag) down while hoisting it. Actions sure speak louder than words

Shivam Vij: Are you surprised Amit Shah doesn’t know how to hoist a flag?

Koomar Shah: Dear @AmitShah, your leader @narendramodi would always try and find omens in events. When the flyover collapsed in Kolkata he said it was a bad omen for @AITCofficial. Now when your newly made @BJP4India HQ has this, what does it mean? #IndependenceDay2018.


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