When US Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Batted for Kashmiri Rights

Kamala Harris is currently the US Senator from California.

In October last, the 55-year-old California senator had slammed the Indian government for Kashmir clampdown by commenting that Kashmiris were not alone in the world

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NEW DELHI — After the news of Indian-origin Kamala Harris being nominated by Presidential candidate Joe Biden as his running mate surfaced, people, especially those from black and migrant communities in the US, reacted in a varied ways with many hailing her as the advocate of civil rights.

In India, the news of her Indian roots dominated the headlines. Several Indian leaders and civil society members from Shashi Tharoor to Prashant Bhushan posted tweets about her nomination. Her father is a Jamaican and the mother hails from Tamil Nadu in India. After her parents divorced, she stayed with her mother. Harris was born in Oakland and grew up in Berkeley.

People also dug out her statements on Kashmir saying that her win might mean a greater global advocacy on Kashmir.

In October last, the 55-year-old California senator had slammed the Indian government for the Kashmir clampdown by commenting that Kashmiris were not alone in the world. “There is a need to intervene if the situation demands,” she had said.

She had also criticized Indian external affairs minister S Jaishankar’s decision to not meet Indian American Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal after she advocated for Kashmir. “It’s wrong for any foreign government to tell Congress what members are allowed in meetings on Capitol Hill,” Harris had stated.

Muslims of India also see her nomination positively as she is likely to support the advocacy on the rights of Indian Muslims. Biden, who picked Harris, had expressed his disappointment over CAA which was passed by the Indian government in December against the wishes of its 200 million Muslims. He had also urged India to restore the rights of Kashmiris.

The decision to nominate Harris was endorsed by Barnie Sanders, one of the most prominent vocal advocates of civil rights in the US political divide. His statements on Kashmir last September were widely hailed for their clarity, though evoking sharp reactions in India.

According to Michael Kugelman, a political analyst in the US who frequently comments on south Asian affairs, after Sanders, Harris said more in support of Kashmir than any of the original 2020 presidential candidates.” He, however, added that she was a strong proponent of India-US relations.

Harris was initially in the race to the presidency but by the end of 2019, she withdrew from the candidature, citing lack of financial resources.

According to a PTI report citing CRW Strategy Research, around 1.3 million Indian-Americans are expected to vote in this year’s election, with nearly 200,000 in battleground states like Pennsylvania and 125,000 in Michigan.

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  1. 8 REASONS WHY NOT TO SUPPORT Kamala Harris as vice presidential candidate.
    1) Kamala Harris was chosen for her color as a token black vice-president as a way to pander black voters to vote Democrat. Some may view it as extreme but the reduction of a human being to its mere racial component is what characterized slavery in the U.S.
    2) Kamala Harris is been tokenised as the African-American candidate to deceive black America when she isn’t even African-American.She is Asian Indian on her mother side and Jamaican on her father side. She grew up in Canada and never lived in America pwrmanently until an adult.
    3) Kamala Harris descends from a slaveowner from her father’s side, Hamilton Brown who founded Brown Town. To select a representative of the black community not only she doesn’t meet the definition of African American ( as she is Indian and Jamaican) but she isn’t even descendant of black slaves. She has slaveowning heritage and has never been affected by African American history.
    4) Kamala Harris is a power hungry woman, an opportunist politician and a compulsive liar who would cheat her way into politics for personal gain. She entered into politics posing as an Indian American( from Asia). She grew up and was raised as Indian and now tries to act as African American in order to win votes.
    She slept her way up for career success and lied even about being in California during bus desegregation.
    5) Kamala Harris has a terrible track record as she incarcerated over 10.000 black men for marijuana possession and imparted them very severe unwarranted sentences.
    Her sentences have been very destructive for the black community depriving mothers and children of husbands and fathers.
    6) Kamala Harris has used her influence to protect pedofiles and sexual assault abusers but was very harsh on people who committed even the the smallest of offenses.
    7) Kamala Harris advocated the Me Too mantra of “believing all women” when Justice Kavanaugh was accused of rape but is now working closely with Joe Biden who has been accused of raping Tara Reade. She herself claimed of believing Tara Reade months ago (when running against Biden) and she now suddenly “forgot” about it as she aims for the oval office.
    8) Kamala Harris accused Biden of racism in the primaries debates and all of a sudden his racist past of incarcerating black men does not seem to matter any longer.


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