Nirav Modi, linked to the Rs 11,000-crore PNB fraud, seen with PM Narendra Modi during the 2018 Davos summit. — PIB)

PM must answer what action he took when his office was informed of the scam done against Indian banks and loot of public money, said CPI(M) leader.

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NEW DELHI — Almost three days have passed since the nation of the 125 crore people woke up to the shocking news about Independent India’s largest banking fraud, but the Prime Minister of the country has not uttered a word to assure the countrymen that their hard-earned money  will be recovered.

PM Modi’s silence, and Opposition leaders have started talking about it, has become more disturbing because the mastermind of the fraud worth more than Rs 11,000 crore and celebrity diamantaire Nirav Modi had appeared with PM Modi, and a host of industrialists and chief executives, at the recent business conclave in Davos, Switzerland.

“If this person (Nirav Modi) had fled India before the FIR on Jan 31, then he is here, photographed at Davos with PM, a week before the FIR, after having escaped from India? Modi govt must clarify,” tweeted CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury while sharing the group photograph of Davos dated January 23, 2018.

 Six days after the Davos event, the Punjab National Bank (PNB) approached the CBI with a complaint that Nirav Modi and associates had defrauded the state-run bank of Rs 280 crore. By February 14, the figure has ballooned past Rs 11,000 crore.

Congress party has released documents showing that the PM Modi’s office was informed about the scam much earlier.

The CPI-M leader asked: “PM must answer what action he took when his office was informed of the scam done against Indian banks and loot of public money.”

Commenting on PM Modi’s silence on Nirav Modi’s fraud he commented: “Modi’s silence on Modi’s escape speaks loudest.”

Nirav’s appearance in the Davos group photo does not at all make PM Modi accomplice in the guilt, but he must break his silence on it. When he can speak about a little-known young Congress worker seeking to contest against Rahul Gandhi for the post of party president both at an election rally in Gujarat in December last year and in the Lok Sabha earlier this month, how can he remain silent on the Nirav gate?

His silence is giving ammo to the Opposition.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has tweeted: “Guide to looting India – by Nirav Modi. 1. Hug PM Modi 2. Be seen with him in Davos. Use that Clout to A. Steal Rs 12000 crore B. Slip out of the country like Mallya, while the Government looks the other way.”

What would BJP have done if Nirav Modi had appeared with former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh? The party would not have asked anything less than resignation from Dr Singh.


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