Welfare Party Lambasts Modi Government Over Misuse of CBI


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NEW DELHI — Amid the unprecedented confrontations between Mamata Banerjee government of West Bengal and the Centre, national political party, Welfare Party of India on Tuesday lambasted Narendra Modi government over the misuse of the Federal Investigation Agency, CBI.

President of the Welfare Party Dr. SQR Ilyas has condemned the Federal Investigation Agency CBI for working at the behest of the Central government and landing up at the residence of the Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar on a Sunday evening in Kolkata without seeking an order of the court. The agency’s move “thereby had transgressed the constitutional and legal boundaries”, he said.

Ilyas has also raised questions over “the timings of this incident with the parliament elections just round the corner and on the last day of the outgoing interim chief of CBI Mr Nageshwar Rao”.

He said that this was done by the Modi government to disturb
the federal structure in West Bengal. Demanding a probe into the incident, he
said “a thorough and impartial investigation with mutual cooperation between
CBI and State Police will help check growing crime and ensure crime free
society and help restore faith of the common man in these investigating

Criticizing Mamata government over law and order issue, the
party also demanded ‘a fair and free investigation into the Saradha scam. The
party welcomed Supreme Court verdict on the confrontation between West Bengal
CM Mamata Banerjee and the CBI. The apex court directed the Kolkata police
chief to appear before the agency and restrained the agency from arresting police
commissioner Rajeev Kumar.


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