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It is time to rewrite Indian history to reflect the golden past and glorious achievements of the Hindu nation, facts be damned!


[dropcap]K[/dropcap]now that henceforth ICHR shall be known as Indian Council of Historical Reconstruction (not Research). “Research” being a species of subversive activity which “secularists” have engaged in for some six decades to integrate this ancient civilization with the depraved Christian West, it is time to dump research and undertake reconstruction.

Please understand that reconstruction does not mean the repair or renovation of monuments and such like, although their renaming, as we shall show, is definitely an essential feature of reconstruction, but, most importantly, a re-education of the perceiving subject. Just as beauty, it is said, lies in the eye of the beholder, so does history. Thus the beholding eye has first to be reconstructed to accord with Sanatan beliefs and principles. Beliefs and principles which have over the years come to be treacherously undermined by facts.

At the outset, the whole meaning and notion of Arya needs to be straightened out. Just because in colloquial lingo Arya has the connotation “Aa riya, Aa riya”(meaning “coming, coming”), pedestrian Marxian pseudo-scholars, who are alien to Bharat, concluded that the Aryans came to India from outside.

They do not know that the letter ‘A’ in Roman script translates as ‘J’ in undiscovered and undeciphered ancient scriptural script; so that the word “Arya” actually meant “Jariya” (ergo “going, going”)-a cry that was raised by enthusiastic Aryaputras as they saw their vanguards leave Bharat for other lands which came to be Aryanized as a result of our conquering exodus.

Which further and at once proves that what has been mischievously called “Indus Valley” civilisation was, as its hitherto undeciphered script must prove , after all an Aryan settlement of a piece with the rest of Jumbo Dwipe. Thus the perfidy of the fact-oriented historians who contested the authenticity of the horse on a Harappan seal invented by Shri Rajaram, finding the same to be a fake-a perfidy calculated to deny that the Aryan horse was, after all, resident with the Harappans, making of them good solid Aryans.

The lesson that at all times facts must correspond to the “nationalist” eye and “patriotic” sentiment thus has always passed them by, rendering them eligible for denial of both chairmanship and citizenship. Imagine that these renegades cannot see the Saraswati river which we can even without any high-powered chashma (glasses).

To think that this brood of pampered anti-Sanatanis have had the temerity to smirk at the most imaginative findings and reconstructions of a Hindutva seer (one who sees beyond and regardless of facts) who revealed to the world the following:

• that “Jerusalem is nothing but Yedu Shalyam, which means the shrine of the lord of the Yadus, that is, Krishna”;

• that “the Dome on the Rock in Jerusalem and the nearby Al Aqsa, though currently being misused as mosques, are ancient temples of the Hindu deity, Krishna”;

• that “St Paul’s cathedral in London was originally Gopal Mandir”;

• that “the Notre Dame church in Paris was originally the temple of Devi Bhagwati, Parvati, alias Durga; that Paris itself was the Hindu city of Parmeshwsariam”;

• that “in pre-Christian times all people everywhere in the entire world were Hindus.”

(See H.K.Vyas, The VHP, Communist Party of India Publication, 1983 for drawing these sterling revelations from the journal of the VHP, Hindu Vishwa, only to be derisive. Such is the treachery of the Marxists.)

Clearly, the time has come to make further reconstructions along these lines, beginning perhaps with re-establishing Shri Oak’s acute hypothesis that the Taj Mahal was in fact a Hindu temple, as was the Red Fort and many other “Moghul” monuments. God knows what quantities of work await us here, since these fellows over the years in deep conspiracy with the Christians have distorted our desired view of Aryavrata out of all proportion.

Coming to modern times, it will remain to be shown how the secularists have falsified the truths (as distinguished from facts) of the struggle for freedom, making it seem as though Hindutva nationalists had no trek with it, undercutting the profound game-plan whereby Veer Savarkar and the Sangh befriended the British only to betray them in the end in accordance with the laid down principles of Chanakya-ki-neeti. We will have to prepare documents to show how we venerated Gandhi, and how it was a Marxist conspiracy again to get Gopal Godse to write that he and his brother had in fact never left the RSS.

Going back to ancient times (the fetish of chronology be damned as well), we will need to debunk cultural ideologues and so-called historians like D P Chattopadhyaya who made the case that the varna ashrama emerged as a Brahminical theory as late as the tenth Mandala of the Rig Veda (roughly 1000 BCE) with the first emergence of an agricultural surplus as an aspect of an emerging class society rather than fall from swarg lok as a Sanatan divination. Emphasising as well how, varna meaning color in Sanskrit, the relegation of those without caste and the low caste was rooted in a racial principle.

Thus, adulated so-called historians like D.D. Kosambi will also need to be reconstructed. We will need to show how the glorious principle of “natural” inequality among people has served Bharat so rigorously well to keep it structured and stable, and provided with slave labor at one end and realized souls at the other.

We will need to formulate a spin to muddle the thesis that Ayurved was made the Shudra among the Vedas for suggesting material causes for disease and material cures as well, thus defying the grand theory of Karma which resonantly lays down how all things are ordained and beyond human intervention, except by realized Brahmins who alone may prescribe appropriate rites and rituals for the amelioration of human suffering-all according to one’s varna, gender, and station-in return for obedience and material propitiation.

We will need to illuminate the polity on other needlessly contentious issues; for example, why Hindus may go to Kailash Mansarover in Chinese territory and Sikhs to Nankana Sahib in Pakistan for worship–two countries which we hold to be in the nature of enemies to us–and still be good Indians eligible for citizenship but not Muslims who go to Makkah in Saudi Arabia or Christians who go to Jerusalem in Israel–two friendly countries whose oil and armaments we cannot do without.

It may seem a somewhat difficult task, but we will surely come up with a loud enough riposte to shame such unpatriotic posers designed to appease the minorities. The moot point being, as we said at the outset, that history does not lie in facts but in the eye of the majoritarian beholder. The historiographical trick is to first know what we wish to be established and then to assemble a samagrahi (material concoction) to feed the horses we wish to ride, however synthetic the concoction be.

There will surely be other conundrums to settle as we go along our nationalist path, but with patriotic cement and mortar in our store, our reconstructions will build solid and permanent walls to keep factuality out of history, replacing mere verisimilitude by grandiloquent mythological rainbows guaranteed to shower the light of Dharma upon the depraved entanglements of anti-national nay-sayers.

Shoulder to the wheel of Dharma. On to our ordained Karma.


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