We don’t Know Why India Brings in CAA, It was Unnecessary: Bangladesh PM

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

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NEW DELHI –  Calling the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) “unnecessary”, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that she could not understand why the (CAA) has been brought in by the Indian government.

Hasina said this in an interview to the Gulf News at Abu Dhabi, where she is on a visit to hold high-level bilateral meetings.

“We don’t understand why (the Indian government) did it. It was not necessary,” Hasina told Gulf News.

“Bangladesh has always maintained that the CAA and NRC are internal matters of India. The Government of India, on their part, has also repeatedly maintained that the NRC is an internal exercise of India and Prime Minister Modi has in person assured me of the same during my visit to New Delhi in October 2019,” she added.

The CAA passed by Parliament on December 11, 2019, grants citizenship to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian illegal immigrants who came from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan before December 2014. The government has been facing massive protest and criticism for bringing in the citizenship law which discriminates against Muslims.

The law came into effect last month.

Soon after the CAA was passed, Dhaka canceled its high-level visits and meetings in New Delhi. Hasina’s description of the law now as “unnecessary” is in line with the concerns in Bangladesh establishment that the CAA might trigger reverse migration of Bangladesh illegal immigrants living in India.

However, Hasina in her interview said there was no reverse migration from India to Bangladesh yet.

Dhaka has also denied there has been any religious persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh. “But within India, people are facing many problems,” Hasina said vaguely to the Gulf News.


  1. It is clear that Madam Hasina has not understood what CAA is about if she says it was not necessary. One only has to hear the stories of the Dalit/Christian/Hindu and Sikh young women who are kidnapped, forcibly converted and married off to these countries’ youth to realize that the 31,000 refugees who have been living in India since 2014 need to be given Indian Citizenship. Also, your expressed opinion that this law discriminates against Muslims is so silly it is laughable. Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh are Constitutionally declared as Islamic countries. They have a population that is more than 90 – 95% Muslim. Why on earth would such individuals want to come to India of all places? True it is said that the Ahmadiyas and the Shias are being discriminated against, but they are by no means PERSECUTED. And even if they are, they are welcome to apply for Indian citizenship, there are well laid out procedures for that. All that the CAA does is to speed up citizenship for a specific number of 31,000 refugees from Non-Muslim minorities. How this can be called discriminatory or anti-Indian constitution etc. boggles the mind. But then, the Congress, Liberal Left and the Muslim lobby are always looking for an excuse to create confusion through misinformation. Sad really.

    And finally – your disclaimer is a Farce. Why would you carry articles that do not agree with your editorial policy? How can anyone know what is your editorial policy if you will carry any nonsense that anyone writes? Please grow up and take a stand!


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