Watch: UP Police Shoot to Kill Muslim Men in Crackdown on Anti-CAA Protests

In a video, the policeman, can be seen walking at the site of the clashes with a revolver and baton. Image source: NDTV

Caravan News

NEW DELHI – The police in Uttar Pradesh shot at protesters with the aim to kill Muslims in the crackdown against anti-CAA protests in December, Karwan e Mohabbat, a New Delhi based civil society group has found.

A short video grab released by the group depicts gory visuals of the body of Aleem Ansari, one of the 24 men killed by the police in the crackdown.  Ansari’s blood-splattered head reveals that the bullet was aimed at his head, which killed him instantly. The police have not made a mention of the gunshot wounds in the FIRs they filed. Instead, criminal cases have been filed against the victims, the investigation by the group has found.

The group found that the victims were not provided medical attention at the hospitals. The families were also denied copies of the post-mortem reports.

The video features the testimonies of family members who accused the police of retribution. “They were not giving us the body,” said the brother of slain Aleem.  He added: “I said, this is my brother’s body. We need to perform his last rites. Please take us to him. But the police did not do it.”

The video says that the families were forced to perform hasty burials of the slain. The families say they have not been given death certificates even as a month has passed despite promises made by the police that the certificates would be furnished in a matter of days.

The families find it difficult to come to terms with the sudden loss of their near and dear ones due to the police violence. “If the people of this country do not stand by me, I will be left alone. I will lose all hope,” says Ansari’s brother.


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