Video Targeting Muslim Vegetable Sellers: Owaisi Demands Action

mob attacked a dosaseller in Mathura on August 18

Owaisi Demands action against the women who tweeted it

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NEW DELHI – A woman named Usha Nirmala, who describes herself as Hindu nationalist, has shared a video clip claiming that Muslim community has monopoly over the market of fruit and vegetable. The communally provocative video drew a lot of outrage on Twitter with AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi demanding action against her.

In the video, a man makes outlandish claims saying that Muslims have control over the markets of fruits and vegetables. Showing the images of Muslim vendors selling vegetable and fruits, he says in the video that Muslims sell fruits and vegetables to people from their own community at lower rate in comparison to Hindu customers. That’s why Hindu sellers are forced to close down their shops, he claims.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Niramala, who is a resident of Hyderabad and State President of Telangana Start up Council, they are “ideating on a business model to tackle this with some political leaders”.

Reacting to her tweet, Hyderabad MP Owaisi asked Union Home Minister Amit Shah whether they would take action against her or if the government is supporting such a thing.

“Bhakts before 2014: WE WILL GET ONE CRORE JOBS YEARLY Flexed biceps Flexed biceps

“Bhakts in 2021: Muslims are taking away “our” SABZI SELLING JOBSPouting facePouting face.@HMOIndia criminal offences against minorities is your ministry’s responsibility. Will you act or should we assume that they have your blessing?,” tweeted Owaisi.

He also tagged Telangana DGP and Hyderbad Police demanding action over the video.

“We can’t let Hyderabad become a breeding ground for communal criminals,” he said.

People have reported the anti-Muslim tweet and asked others to report it as hateful.

Nirmala called on her Hindutva comrades to support her when her account was being reported for the anti-Muslim video.


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