Video: It Is Time to Make India Free of Muslims, Says Sadhvi Prachi

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File photo of VHP leader, Sadhvi Prachi. (Source: PTI)

Dehradun (PTI): Touching off a controversy, VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi on Tuesday said it is time to make India free of Muslims.

Known for courting controversies, the Sadhvi claimed the mission of a Congress-free India has already been “accomplished” and it is now time to rid the country of Muslims.

“Now that we have achieved the mission of making a Congress-free India, it is time to make India Muslim-free. We are working on that,” she said in Roorkee where at least 32 people were injured last week in a clash between two communities over forcible evacuation of a scrap dealer’s shop.

Khanpur MLA Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion’s house was attacked by members of a community alleging their sacred book was also desecrated by his supporters. The Sadhvi claimed that the attack on Champion’s house was part of a premeditated conspiracy.

Champion, one of the nine Congress MLAs who revolted against Chief Minister Harish Rawat, recently joined BJP.

WATCH VIDEO: ‘Let’s make India muslim free’

On the forthcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls, she said if BJP projects Yogi Adityananth as its chief ministerial candidate, it was bound to win 300 seats in the state.

Prachi had often been in the news for asking people to boycott films of Bollywood Khans and demanding a CBI probe into all Muslim educational institutions including Aligarh Muslim University and madrasas in Deoband to check anti-national activities.



  1. She in either a brain damaged person or a human being with an evil heart.

    She is the worst and most stupid, so-called leader in any organisation in the world whic l ever come across.

    She is insane n should cage her and put her in a cave before her evil brain corrupted the lovely Indians community in lndia.

  2. She is not the first nor will she be the last with this toxic hatred of muslims. India has close to 200 million muslims. How does she propose to get rid of them? Nazi style mass gas chamber extermination or what. No these brain dead zombies should be deployed in India’s space programme and shipped off to outer space somewhere they can cause no damage.

  3. If the khans go out of Bollywood then the film industry would collapse. She definitely needs to be put in a mental asylum

  4. This woman needs mental hospital help like some far right Hindi such as S. Sinha & Rekha (Bollywood Actors). India always had a Muslim ruler & majority people were Muslim just like Palestine. It was destroyed by some devils who worship nothing but follow satan foot steps. If you read the history most of the South Asia was ruled by Muslims but they lived with other religions peacefully. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist & Hindi always lived happily. Problem was always started by minority people who wanted power for themselves they brain washed Good hearted people.

  5. Hers is a dangerous ideology similar to Hitler and Nazi Germany. These ultra religious Hindus will destroy India. These people should be thankful to God that after hundreds of years they have time to rule India. Thanks to British who introduced democracy and majority rule. But remember India is not just Hindu country, it is Hindu-Muslim country. Just like America which not a Christian country but a JudoChristian country. Just like Jews in America Muslims are an integral and paramount part of India. Theirs contribution to our history and culture cannot be denied. Just like America, the Federal government of India should pass a stern law against bigotry, hate, discrimination and bias against Muslims and other minorities.

  6. We don’t need to get rid of muslims.That would be wrong but when India was divided , the muslims were given a nation on the basis of religion. As such those who chose to stay in India, made a choice. We respect that. However, voting rights should be given only to hindus by right of that choice.All others should have all the rights of a citizen but voting rights shold only be with the hindus and we would arrive at a sane and responsible society to propell the nation towards a better and secure future.

  7. Why do you disagree with her? Rapes increased by 900% in Sweden after opening their doors to Muslim migrants. Violent crimes against Jews, synagogues and churches have increased in Germany.


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