Uttar Pradesh Voters Spoil Yogi Govt.’s 1st Anniversary Party

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the inauguration of Yogi Adityanath in Lucknow on March 19, 2017 

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LUCKNOW — Exactly one year ago from now, BJP had stormed the Uttar Pradesh state Assembly with huge, unprecedented victory in the elections and party’s firebrand leader and then Lok Sabha MP Yogi Adityanath was installed as Chief Minister of the country’s most-populated state. On the completion of first year in government, Yogi might have planned some big celebrations on coming 19 March, but the anniversary party has now been spoiled by the voters in Gorakhpur and Phulpur.

BJP had won both Lok Sabha seats in the May 2014 elections with more than 3 lakh votes. Yogi had won Gorakhpur fifth time in row while Keshav Prasad Maurya had won the Phulpur seat. But the saffron party has got humiliating defeat in the by-polls for both seats vacated by Yogi and Maurya after they became CM and Deputy CM respectively.

On the eve of the first anniversary of BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, voters in Gorakhpur and Phulpur have handed a humiliating defeat as gift to CM Yogi.


Results of Lok Sabha, Assembly By-polls in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
Constituency State Winner Party Previous Winner Party

(Lok Sabha)

Uttar Pradesh Praveen Nishad (margin: 21,961 votes) SP Yogi Adityantha

(margin of 3,12,783 votes


(Lok Sabha)

Uttar Pradesh Nagendra Pratap Singh (margin: 59,460 votes) SP Keshav Prasad Maurya (margin of 3,08,308 votes BJP

(Lok Sabha)

Bihar Sarfaraz Alam (margin: 61,988 votes) RJD Tasleemuddin (margin of 1,46,504 votes) RJD


Bihar Kumar Krishna Mohan

(margin: 30,000 votes)

RJD Mundrika Singh Yadav (margin of 30,170 votes)




Bihar Rinky Rani (margin: 14,000 votes) BJP Anand Bhushan Pandey (margin of 7,870 votes) BJP



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