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Uttar Pradesh: Hindu Priest Spews Hate, Calls for Muslim Genocide

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NEW DELHI – Bajrang Muni Das, a Hindu priest who was last year arrested on a charge of inciting Hindus to “kill and rape Muslims,” has now called for genocide of Muslims to establish a Hindu Rashtra.

“We know that India was a peaceful country in the past and its peace was destroyed after the entry of Muslims. The Muslim jihadis must be eliminated to automatically turn India into a Hindu Rashtra,” Muni, who is out on bail, said in a video circulated widely on social media on Sunday.

“The latest remark attributed to him came a day after another Madhya Pradesh seer clearly patronised by chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan appeared to suggest that next year’s general election would lead to the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra,” CJP (Citizens for Justice and Peace) noted.

Bajrang Muni Das is the chief priest (mahant) of the Maharishi Shri Laxman Das Udasi Ashram in Khairabad, Sitapur, situated one hundred kilo metres north of Lucknow.

He was arrested on April 13 last year for allegedly urging Hindus to kill Muslims and abduct and rape their women. He was immediately granted bail on April 24 after “apologizing” for the remark in court but told the media after his release: “I have no feeling of guilt for what I said,” CJP recalled.

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