Use Your Brains to Differentiate Between Genuine and Fake News: Mamata Tells Students


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee speaking at a function organised to distribute tabs to class 12 students advised students to avoid news channels as far as possible since they often resorts to broadcasting fake news to pump up their TRPs.

KOLKATA — On the occasion of Children’s Day, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday advised school students to use their brains in differentiating between genuine and fake news.

She made the remarks at a function here to distribute tabs to class 12 students, which was also attended by the state Education Minister Bratya Basu.

“Use your brains which have so many cells. Those brain cells get spoiled by evil thinking. So, think positively to keep those brain cells active and differentiate genuine news from fake news,” the Chief Minister said.

Her advice was to avoid news channels as far as possible since they often resorts to broadcasting fake news to pump up their TRPs.

On this point, without directly mentioning the recent controversies over the teachers’ recruitment scam in the state, Banerjee said that work mistakes are bound to happen.

“We will have to rectify those mistakes. The law will surely take its own course. Avoid watching television news channels as far as possible. They always broadcast propaganda against us. They did not spare me even when I was the railways minister,” she said.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister’s advice to the school children present on the occasion was to get over excessive greed.

“Life is short. So why become the victim of greed? For you the value of humanity should be much more than crores of rupees”

She also used the dais to launch an attack against the opposition parties in the state without directly naming them.

“Those who do not have the minimum respect and love for West Bengal are resorting to baseless scandals. They are pleading with New Delhi to stop funds to West Bengal. Do I care about Delhi? West Bengal is self-sufficient,” Banerjee said.

She claimed that her regime started the process where secondary and high-secondary students of West Bengal boards and councils are granted higher marks at par with other national and state examination boards.

“Previously, because of the low marking system in West Bengal, the students here lagged behind their counterparts in other boards. But after we came to power, we started the system of higher marking.” — IANS


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