US Muslim Coalition Slams Trump’s Hateful Rants; Asks Republicans to Dump Hate Peddlers


Republican presidential hopeful and real-estate mogul Donald Trump. BRENDAN MCDERMID/REUTERS
Republican presidential hopeful and real-estate mogul Donald Trump. BRENDAN MCDERMID/REUTERS

In these times of rising Islamophobia, Republic presidential hopeful’s dangerous lies against Muslims and immigrants could have disastrous consequences, warns US based group

Caravan Daily News

NEW YORK — Muslim Peace Coalition-USA has condemned Donald Trump’s statement that the Muslim immigration to the United States be completely stopped. The Coalition appealed to the media to treat Trump the way it treats extremists like David Duke and not allow Trump to use it to spread bigotry in the US.
“The rhetoric that is coming from Donald Trump can no longer be brushed off as attention seeking tactic by a narcissistic megalomaniac. During these times of increasing Islamophobia, his divisive and hateful statements have the potential to get American Muslims hurt and even killed. Already Muslim children are facing increasing harassment in schools and Muslim women are being targeted more frequently on the streets and malls of our great country,” said Dr. Shaik Ubaid, the co-chair of the Coalition.
Dr. Ubaid further stated “Al-Qaeda and ISIS have been trying to sabotage  the freedoms that Americans enjoy by forcing it to become a police state.  They are also attempting to pit the West against Islam as a means of increasing their appeal.. Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim statements are helping the evil designs of the terrorists. .He is aware of this fact but in his arrogant narcissism he does not care if America suffers.
As the New York Times has pointed out after analyzing 95,000 words from Trump’s speeches, Trump’s camp seem to have modeled its campaign on the lines of the demagogues of the past century like Mussolini, Hitler and Milosevic.
The Republican Party leadership has to decide whether it will continue to allow demagogues like Trump and Cruz convert it into a party of fear peddlers or  in the name of fairness and to avoid become a fringe hate group, it will move decisively and get rid of its extreme right wing. If it fails to act then it will lose for ever the immigrants including the Hispanics, Asians, Africans as well as African Americans, the mainstream Jewish community and the moderate White Christians.
There will always be the need for a moderate right-of-the-center party. If the GOP abdicates that position, a new party will emerge sooner rather than later.  When the history of the 21st century America will be written, Trump, Carson, Cruz and their likes will be nothing more than a shameful foot note just as the grand wizards of the KKK are in the history of the 20th century.
American Muslims are more concerned about terrorism from the supporters of ISIS as they will be the victims of the terrorism as well as the backlash to it. But we know that this threat is much smaller when compared to the threat posed by the radicalized White militias and hate groups. These fringe hate groups and the ISIS inspired lone wolves can be effectively neutralized by intelligent planning based on commonsense  and not through hysteria and hate peddling.”


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