US Historian Audrey Truschke Reminds Modi of Instances of Hindu Terror


In a series of tweets, Audrey Truschke, who is an assistant professor at Rutgers University in United States, mentioned the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the 2002 Gujarat pogrom and the 2007 Samjhauta Express blast

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NEW DELHI — Reacting sharply to ‘no Hindu terror’ statement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, noted US historian and author Prof Audrey Truschke has reminded the Prime Minister of the terror incidents carried out by Hindus at different points of time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a public rally in Maharashtra’s Wardha on Monday said that not a single terror act has been carried out by the Hindus in history. Claiming that the Hindu terror was coined by the Congress, Modi said, “The Congress tried to stain crores of the country’s people using the term Hindu terror. Tell me, weren’t you deeply hurt when you heard the term ‘Hindu terror’? Is there a single incident in the history of thousands of years of Hindus engaging in terrorism?”

In a series of tweets, Truschke, who is an assistant professor at US-based Rutgers University, mentioned the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the 2002 Gujarat pogrom and the 2007 Samjhauta Express blast.

Sharing the statement made by Modi published on the front page of the Times of India, Truschke, who is the author of the book “Aurangzeb: The Life and Legacy of India’s Most Controversial King,” said, “India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, thinks that no Hindu, ever, has committed an act of terrorism. Hindus are about 15% of the world population, by the way, so it’s a pretty large group. A few hard facts from the past… [THREAD]”.

Mentioning the assassination of Gandhi, she said, “Perhaps the single most well-known act of terrorism in the entire history of India is when Nathuram Godse assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. Anyone who knows anything about Indian history knows that a Hindu shot Gandhi. Modi knows this. Why might he want to gloss over that? Well…”

Similarly, prominent journalists Siddharth Vardarajan and Ashutosh and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi also asked the Prime Minister about Nathuram Godse who killed Mahatma Gandhi.

‘Mr. Prime Minister – who is Nathuram Godse !! If not a terrorist,” asked Ashutosh.


Reacting to the PM’s statement, Owaisi said, “The one who killed Mahatma Gandhi, what was he? Nathuram Godse. Was he Owaisi’s brother? Who was he? Was he not a terrorist? Speak up Modi. Who was Nathuram Godse?”

“Godse was affiliated with a paramilitary group known as the RSS. Modi is an RSS man. It’s a fascinating historical story that the RSS has gone, in 70 years, from being killers of India’s leaders to being India’s leaders. But to stay on point – Godse, a Hindu, assassinated Gandhi,” noted author Truschke.

She also said that Hindu terrorism is not a thing of the past. At the present time, saffron terror is being used by the Hindutva individuals and groups who commit terror activities.

Terming the 2002 pogrom a terror act, Truschke said, “Two high-profile cases: The 2002 pogrom in Gujarat (implicating Modi to the extent that he was banned from travel to the USA for more than a decade thereafter) and the 2007 Samjhauta express bombing, to which an RSS guy confessed”.

She also reminded Modi of persecution, intimidation, violence committed by Hindus against the Muslims of India. “The last five years in India have seen numerous small cases of intimidation and violence used against Muslims in particular, by Hindus. Not infrequently, these are caught on tape. They are more rarely prosecuted”.

It is insane to say that no Hindu committed an act of terrorism. Like Muslims and Christians, Hindus also committed the terror act, she said in another tweet.

“In summary, it is nothing short of insane to say that no Hindu has ever committed an act of terrorism. It is just as insane as saying no Muslim or no Christian has ever committed an act of terrorism (No reasonable person would say either of those things). So why did Modi say it?”

Slamming the Bharatiya Janata Party for ignoring the facts about India’s past and present, Truschke said “The world of facts, about India’s past and present, is not kind to BJP interests. So they leave it behind. The best hope for the BJP in the current election is to run on a platform of violence while verbally denying the ground beneath their feet and pray that nobody notices”.


  1. All the incidents that you cite (and a lot more of that kind which you haven’t cited, nothing to hide or cover-up there) mostly have one thing in common: they were retaliatory actions against Islamic and other kinds of terror that began more than a thousand years ago. Gandhi was killed because it was felt that he conceded too much to the Muslims, so that was not to spread terror. How do these sporadic incidents of the last 70 years (the sort of which happens in every country in different forms) compare with the totally unprovoked brutality and barbarity of the Muslims and Christians towards the people of India, indeed the rest of the sane world which wasn’t Islamic or Christian, for hundreds of years? The Muslims have consistently kept up their terror tactics to this day, as is evidenced by murderous groups all over the world, all fighting for one sole purpose: to make the whole world Islamic. European and American imperialism are probably responsible for virtually every single problem area on the planet. Where does the ‘Hindu’ even fit in this picture? Is there a plot you have uncovered where a group or groups are out to make the whole world ‘Hindu’ or are causing mayhem in various parts of the world to propagate their faith?? It can’t happen for the simple reason that we understand that the term itself denotes a cultural and geographic rootedness, not a religious following.
    So stop hyping stuff. I agree that any group that takes the law into their own hands must be stringently dealt with and yes, there might be a rise in some unprovoked incidents, but in a country of this size with a history this bloody and tumultuous, there are bound to be a few hotheads. Bristling at every incident and defiantly/desperately trying to equate ‘Hindu’ terror with the other kinds of terror the world has witnessed is ridiculous, illogical, irrational and not befitting someone who has claims of being a scholar.


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