US Anti-War Group Condemns Attacks on Palestinians, Urges Biden to Rein in Israel

Israel Strikes Gaza

We are greatly disappointed that the US government did not take prompt actions to quell Israeli attacks, says Muslim Peace Coalition

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI – Muslim Peace Coalition (MPC), an anti-war group in the United Sates, has condemned the attacks on Palestinian worshippers at Al Aqsa mosque and airstrike on the civilians in Gaza by Israel and urged US President Joe Biden to rein in the Jewish country from persecuting Palestinians.

“We unequivocally condemn the apartheid policy to occupy Muslim homes in Jerusalem by evicting the people who have been living there for generations, and the threats to demolish the Al Aqsa mosque by the Israeli terrorist groups who are being allowed to march into the Muslim and Christian Arab areas,” said the Coalition in a press statement on Tuesday.

“We are greatly disappointed that the US government did not take prompt actions to quell Israeli attacks and provocation in Ramadan which has emboldened the right-wing extremist Israeli government to unleash indiscriminate aerial bombing in the densely populated Gaza. Killing scores of women and children and decimating whole families,” it added.

Since Saturday, hundreds of worshippers and civilians get injured when Israeli forces attacked them using skunk water, tear gas, rubber-coated bullets and shock grenades and stormed Al-Aqsa mosque. Later on Monday, Israel launched airstrikes in the Gaza strip killing over 20 people including 9 children.

For weeks, Palestinians have been protesting against the Israeli government’s decision to expel Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood area of east Jerusalem.

Urging the US President Joe Biden to rein in Israel from evicting Palestinians from their land, the Coalition said “We urge President Biden to demand that Israel must stop its policy of evicting Arabs from their homes specially in Jerusalem and stop all forms of persecution including an end to ecoterrorism whereby Palestinian-owned olive and date orchards are destroyed and the water supply stolen by illegal settlers. The Homeland Security and the FBI must investigate the transfer of enormous funds from the United states to the militant settlers including the terrorist groups among them”.

It has demanded from President Biden that he move the American embassy back to Tel Aviv to give a clear message to the right-wing extremist government of Israel that it cannot take the US support for granted and cannot jeopardize regional stability and world peace through its racist actions and apartheid policy.

The Coalition also asked the US government to encourage free and fair elections in Palestine and bring the elected governments of Israel and Palestine to the negotiating table after putting an end to illegal construction on occupied Arab lands and moving the US embassy back to Tel Aviv.

It has also condemned the weak response from Arab government on Israeli attacks demanding from Arab countries to break ties with Israel’s apartheid state and launch an economic boycott against the Jewish country.

Addressing Muslim leaders, the Coalition said “We strongly advise our fellow Muslim leaders all over the US to suspend their interfaith dialogue with those Jewish groups and synagogues which refuse to denounce the apartheid Israeli policies and put an end to letting extremist and Islamophobic hate peddlers such as Pamela Geller use the Orthodox synagogues to raise funds”.


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