Urdu’s Renowned Humour Writer Mujtaba Hussain Passes Away

Mujtaba Hussain, passed away at the age of 87.

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HYDERABAD — Well-known Urdu author, humorist and satirist from Hyderabad, Mujtaba Hussain, passed away at the age of 87, at his residence in Red Hills here around 9 am on Wednesday.

His humorous writings appeared in columns in Urdu newspapers for a long time and there are many book in Urdu to his credit.

Mujtaba Husain was awarded Padma Shree in 2007 in recognition of his contribution to humourous dimension of Urdu literature.

Mujtaba Husain authored 25 books, received 13 awards, including the coveted Padma Shree.

His travelogue ‘Japan Chalo, Japan Chalo’ was one of the unique contributions to Urdu literature. His book ‘America Ghaans Kaat Raha Hai’, a take on US foreign policy received good response.

Entire collection of written works, talks, lectures, recordings and books of Mujtaba Husain have been digitalized and can be accessed on the website www.mujtabahussain.com. The website was launched by Siasat daily’s editor Mr Zahid Ali Khan 5 years ago, reports Siasat daily.

He used to write writing his humour column in Siasat which was published every Sunday.

Mujtaba Hussain’s status in Urdu literature can be gauged from the fact that around 12 PhDs were done on him during his lifetime by different scholars from across India.

He also hit headlines in 2019 when he had returned his Padma Shree in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, what he called was injustice against Muslims in the country.


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