UP Teacher Claims Threat to Life After Shaheen Bagh Visit: Report

Women protesting against CAA at Shaheen Bagh. — File photo

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SAHARANPUR, UP — A Muslim lady teacher in Saharanpur has been reportedly suspended from the school and received threat to her life  after she visited Shaheen Bagh, Delhi on January 19, where a large number of women are camped in protest against CAA, NRC and NPR

She on Tuesday claimed threat to her life after nearly 200 local residents entered the school campus and protested against her visit to Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, reports PTI.

Nahid Zaidi, 40, who teaches English and Social Sciences at Asha Modern School, told news agency PTI she was also suspended from the school after she visited Shaheen Bagh on January 19 and answered a few questions of the media there.

“The video found its way to some people from local right-wing groups who put it on Facebook with derogatory remarks about me,” Ms Zaidi said.

While the school principal did not respond to calls for a comment, Saharanpur Superintendent of Police Vineet Bhatnagar said the teacher was not suspended. Mr Bhatnagar said a group of people protested against Ms Zaidi’s comments at Shaheen Bagh, but the situation is peaceful now.

Ms Zaidi said she did speak about any particular religion and was being “targeted by the right-wing groups at the behest of the local BJP leadership”.

On Monday, around 200 local residents entered the school during recess and raised slogans, she claimed.

“Under their pressure, the principal put me under suspension and asked me to resign. Later, in the evening, the suspension was revoked after police and local leaders intervened,” she said.

Ms Zaidi said she lives alone and there’s “threat to her life”.

“My parents are no more. I have no siblings. I am in shock and fearing for my life. I have written to the police in this regard,” she said.

(With inputs from PTI)


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