UP Minorities Panel Head Denies Closing Down of 5,000 Madrassas

Ashfaq Saifi

No such action has been taken, says Ashfaq Saifi

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Minorities Commission Ashfaq Saifi has denied that 5,000 madrassas have been closed down in UP. This comes as a big relief to Muslims as they were concerned after a member of the Commission had claimed that the madrassas who failed to register with the online portal of the Madarsa Education Board have been delisted. He had given the figure of such madrassas as 5,000.

“I don’t know from where did he get the data,” Saifi told Clarion India when asked about the statement made by his colleague Suresh Jain Rituraj. The commission member had said that every madrassa of the state was required to register with the Madarsa Education Board portal. “But 5,000 madrassas did not register. Hence, they have been removed from the list. As a result, we were able to save Rs. 100 crore in a year,” said Rituraj addressing a press conference.

But Saifi said that no such action has been taken. “If we receive any complaint about fraud in any madrassa, we will investigate it. Then, its recognition will be suspended,” he said.

Saifi said Rituraj’s statement must have been misinterpreted. There are some madrassas which exist only on paper. They are snatching the rights of the poor. They will certainly be shut down.

“We received complaints about such madrassas which don’t have space for students to sit, ventilated rooms, light, toilets, drinking water and teachers. Our member is talking about such madrassas. We will recommend shutting down such madrassas,” he said.

Rituraj had said the commission has taken measures to introduce NCERT syllabus in madrassas so that Muslim community join the mainstream and get contemporary education. Question papers will be given in Hindi, English and Urdu so that all languages are introduced in madrassas.

He also said that the government aid given to such madrassas which failed to follow these measures will be suspended and their recognition will also be suspended.

However, Saifi told Clarion India that the Minorities Commission has not passed any order regarding this but it will recommend to the state government to stop aid of those madrassas which don’t have facilities and are being run fraudulently.

He also said that they don’t pass orders to shut down madrassas. “Our officers investigate if there are reports of fraud. Based on their findings, the government takes appropriate action,” he added.

He said there are two types of madrassas: privately-run as well as those receiving government aid. Action is taken against those which are aided by the government.


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