UP Minister Asks People to Worship Cow on Valentine’s Day


LUCKNOW — UP Minister for Animal Husbandry Dharampal Singh has urged the public to worship cow on Valentine’s Day.

He said that the Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by offering ‘gud’ and ‘roti’ to cows and their blessings should be taken.

He said, “Valentine’s Day, known as love day, on February 14 should be celebrated by expressing love and faith towards cows by offering them ‘gud and roti’. Besides, their blessing should be taken by touching their head and neck.”

Singh further said that ‘Gavo Vishwasya Matarah’ in Vedas means “Cow is the mother of the world.”

The minister further said, “On this day, a resolution should also be taken to serve the mother cow regularly. Cow products are used in every fast, festival, worship and rituals in Indian society. Cow has been paramount not only because of emotional or religious reasons but also because of fulfilling the essential needs of human society. That is why it becomes more necessary that we also express our special love for the mother cow on February 14 on Valentine’s Day and also make each other aware and motivated.”

Singh’s statement is the latest in the BJP and the Hindu activists’ push to cow.

The statement comes days after the Union government’s Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) withdrew its appeal to observe February 14 as Cow Hug Day.

The appeal was withdrawn after it was severely criticised.

The Hindu activists have been opposed to the Valentine’s Day which it sees as Western ritual encroaching on Indian culture.

Singh also appealed that on the occasion of ‘Holika Dahan,’ cow dung should be used as it is environment-friendly and reduces air pollution.

Meanwhile, taking objection to the celebration of Valentines’ Day on February 14, the Shri Ram Sena has stated that its activists will keep a hawk’s eye on parks, parlours and hotels.

Speaking to reporters, Pramod Muthalik, national president of the Sena, said that they oppose the celebration every year and the group will oppose it this year also.

“We will stop the drug and sex that will happen on the pretext of celebration of Valentine’s Day. It will be done according to the law,” he said. — IANS


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