UP Man Gets Married After his Panchayat Seat Declared Reserved for Women

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Hathi Singh of Karan Chhapra village in Ballia when came to know that village head post has been declared as reserved for women seat, he got married to get his wife elected as panyachayat chief

BALLIA — To fulfil his ambition of becoming the village head after doing social service for almost a decade, a 45-year-old man got married after his seat was declared reserved for women.

Hathi Singh of Karan Chhapra village in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh, contested the elections in 2015 and was the runner up.

However, his seat was declared reserved for women and Singh’s hope of getting elected this time was shattered. His supporters suggested that he get married and his wife could contest the elections.

Singh finally got married on March 26, which was solemnised at the Dharmnathji temple in the village.

Interestingly, the marriage was solemnised during ‘khar-maas’ – a period not considered auspicious as per Hindu traditions.

“I had to get married before nominations close on April 13,” he said.

His bride is pursuing her graduation and now preparing to contest the village panchayat elections.

“I have been working hard for the past five years and my supporters are also campaigning for us. It is mainly because of my supporters that I decided to change my decision of not getting married ever. My mother is 80-years-old and could not have contested the elections,” said Singh. — IANS


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