UP: Azam Khan’s Resort Demolished in Rampur over Allegations of Encroachment 


Bulldozers Target Azam Khan’s Humsafar Resort Complex Following Allegations of Illegal Encroachments

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RAMPUR- The troubles for senior Samajwadi Party leader Mohammad Azam Khan and his family show no signs of abating as the administration undertook a demolition drive on their private Humsafar resort complex in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur on Tuesday. The action has sparked allegations of political vendetta and targeting of Muslim properties under the Yogi Adityanath government.

On the orders of the local administration, led by SDM Monika Singh and CO Ravi Khokhar, bulldozers were deployed to dismantle structures within the resort complex. The outer wall was broken down, and a significant building within the premises was demolished. This move came after city MLA Akash Saxena filed a complaint, leading to a case in the court of Tehsildar Sadar.

“Azam Khan is being persecuted for being a Muslim. The targeting of his property is a clear indication of the political motives behind these actions,” said a local resident who wished to remain anonymous. This sentiment is echoed by many in the community, who view the demolition as part of a broader strategy to marginalize Muslim leaders and their assets.

The district administration’s case against Azam Khan’s resort revolves around allegations of illegal encroachment. According to District Magistrate Rampur Joginder Singh, “The resort encroached on 0.038 hectares of land designated for manure pits, which has been verified through court-ordered measurements. The court mandated the eviction of these illegal encroachments and ordered compensation, which had not been addressed until now.”

City MLA Akash Saxena’s recent letter to SDM Monika Singh demanded immediate action against the alleged encroachments, which seemingly prompted the administration’s swift response. “The administration’s actions are based on legal grounds and court orders,” Saxena stated. “We are ensuring that all illegal encroachments are dealt with according to the law.”

However, the timing and manner of the demolition have raised questions about the motives behind the action. Many believe it is an attempt to undermine Khan, a prominent Muslim leader and a senior member of the Samajwadi Party. “This is not just about a piece of land. It’s about sending a message to all Muslim leaders in the state,” said another local, who requested anonymity.

The Humsafar resort, a notable property owned by Khan, has now been significantly damaged. The administration also targeted the overhead water tank within the resort’s premises, further fuelling the controversy.

The demolition of Azam Khan’s resort is the latest in a series of actions against him and his family, who have faced numerous legal battles and accusations over the years. Whether these actions are justified or politically driven remains a matter of intense debate.

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