UP: 147 Women Suffer Sterilisation Failure in Aligarh’s Govt Hospitals


Concerns over family planning program’s efficacy and safety measures as a woman dies after undergoing sterilisation procedure

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ALIGARH — The sterilisation of 147 women has failed in government hospitals in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh District raising questions over the procedures conducted under government auspices. Additionally, one woman has tragically lost her life, seriously undermining the efficacy and safety of the entire sterilisation process.

Medical Officer Dr. Neeraj Tyagi shed light on the alarming situation. “If a woman gets pregnant after sterilisation, she is entitled to financial compensation,” he said. “Up to 147 cases of sterilisation failure have been reported, with the government providing Rs 20,000 per case,” he said.

The failure of sterilisation procedures, despite significant government funding and efforts, has cast a shadow over the effectiveness of the Family Planning Reimbursement Scheme. Concerns have been raised regarding the adequacy of pre-procedure counselling and the thoroughness of post-procedure follow-up.

Naheeda, a family planning counsellor in the health department, defended the safety of sterilisation procedures. She contended that there was no problem with the sterilisation process and it was safe.

However, Asha activist Manjit Kaur highlighted the need for a comprehensive approach to population control, stating there were many other ways to prevent population growth.

The disclosure of sterilisation failures has prompted scrutiny of the government’s family planning initiatives. While the health department continues to advocate for sterilisation as a permanent method of contraception, concerns persist about the reluctance of individuals to undergo the procedure.

Dr. Tyagi assured that post-sterilisation benefits are available under the Planning Indemnity Scheme. However, the tragic death of one woman and the failure of sterilisation procedures in numerous cases underscore the need for a thorough review of the family planning program’s protocols and safeguards.

As investigations continue into the sterilisation failures and the unfortunate loss of life, the government faces mounting pressure to address the shortcomings in its family planning initiatives and ensure the safety and well-being of women undergoing sterilisation procedures.

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