UNSC Calls Closed-Door Meet on Kashmir As Pakistan Asks OIC to be Proactive

Paramilitary soldiers stands guard at an temporary check point on the first anniversary of India’s decision to revoke the region’s semi-autonomy, in Srinagar on Wednesday. — AP

Pakistan said it welcomed the meeting which marked the “international community’s and UNSC members’ solidarity with the Kashmiri people”.

Clarion India

NEW DELHI — On Wednesday (August 5), the first anniversary of the abrogation of special constitutional status of Kashmir, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) convened an urgent, closed-door meeting on Pakistan’s request to review the situation prevailing in the Valley since August 5, 2019 when the government enforced military and communication lockdown on Kashmir.

The Dawn reported that the meeting was attended by 15 members of UNSC with China playing a key role in getting the talks arranged.

Speaking on the significance of the rendezvous, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi wrote on Twitter: “This 3rd meeting in a year by the UNSC serves as a stark repudiation to the Indian claim that Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter. It further reaffirms the validity of UN resolutions on the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination through an impartial plebiscite.”

The meeting was chaired by council’s president for August Ambassador Dian Triansyah Djani of Indonesia.

Pakistan said it welcomed the meeting which marked the “international community’s and UNSC members’ solidarity with the Kashmiri people”.

Meanwhile, Qureshi, while speaking with a private TV channel in Pakistan, urged the members of the Organisation of Islamic Countries to be more proactive on Kashmir. He asked the Saudi-led coalition to stop being lazy in conducting the meetings of foreign ministers on Kashmir.

He held out a warning that if the OIC failed to convene the meeting, Pakistan would seek an alternative outside of the OIC to hold a meeting on Kashmir.

Since last August, there has been no progress in convening a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of OIC on Kashmir, though OIC officials have met during last year’s UN General Assembly as also issued statements condemning the abrogation move.

It is reported that Saudi Arabia, one of the powerful members of the group of 57 Islamic countries, has shown reluctance to Pakistan’s request of a meeting specifically on Kashmir.

Malaysia, Turkey and Iran backed Pakistan’s stand and equivocally condemned the revocation of Kashmir’s special status and the lockdown. The countries have attempted to forge an association for causes of Muslims across the globe as members of OIC often speak in a divided voice on several issues.


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