Unpaid Indian Women Workers Sent Home from Saudi


Women cleaners had not been paid for nine months by their employers in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH — The Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia has finally repatriated a group of Indian women workers who were not paid their salaries for the past nine months by their employer, reports IANS.

The Indian embassy in Riyadh arranged the flight tickets for ten workers, who were on contractual jobs for a cleaning company here, from the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) and mediated with the contracting company to safeguard their final exits, local media reported on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the contracting company that had employed the cleaners for two-and-half years allowed their final exit.

Eleven Indian women from Kerala last month appealed to the Indian embassy for help after they were allegedly not paid their salaries for the past nine months.

A worker, whose travelling documents could not be processed, will be repatriated next week.

They were not going to work since March 16, demanding that they will return to work only after their dues are paid.

Earlier last month, the Indian embassy expressed its concern over the matter.


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