University of Hyderabad Imposes Fines on Students for Pro-Palestinian March


The registrar’s office asserted that the organising group was not registered and had failed to obtain prior permission for the protest.

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HYDERABAD — The University of Hyderabad has courted controversy after imposing fines on six students who organised a pro-Palestinian march on the campus. The university administration has also taken the drastic step of whitewashing walls adorned with pro-Palestinian posters and artwork.

The solidarity march, organised by the students under the banner of “UH for Palestine,” aimed to express support for the Palestinian cause. However, the university registrar’s office asserted that the organising group was not registered and had failed to obtain prior permission for the protest, leading to the imposition of fines.

In a statement, the university warned of potential disciplinary action against the students involved, stating that further irregularities could jeopardise their academic careers. The move has sparked criticism from various quarters, with many questioning the administration’s handling of the situation and its impact on freedom of expression.

According to The Observer Post, tensions escalated when security personnel intervened as the students attempted to march towards the south gate of the university. Witnesses described scenes of physical restraint and the tearing down of solidarity posters, including those carried by female students. Despite these challenges, the students persisted and managed to reach the south gate.

In the aftermath of the incident, the university administration and security office proceeded to whitewash pro-Palestinian paintings adorning the walls of the campus, further fuelling debate over the limits of academic freedom and the rights of students to engage in political activism.

Following a thorough investigation, the university fined each of the six students involved in organising the march Rs1,000. The penalties imposed have drawn criticism from student groups and activists, who argue that they stifle dissent and undermine the principles of democracy and free speech.

The controversy surrounding the pro-Palestinian march at the university underscores broader issues of censorship and repression on university campuses. As debates over academic freedom and student rights continue to intensify, the actions of the administration are likely to face further scrutiny and debate in the days ahead.

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