UN Condemns ‘Shameful’ Year-long Ban on Afghan Girls’ Education


KABUL — The United Nati­ons urged the Taliban on Sunday to reopen high scho­ols for girls across Afgha­nistan, condemning the ban that began exactly a year ago as “tragic and shameful”.

Weeks after the Taliban seized power in August last year, they reopened high schools for boys on Septe­mber 18, but banned secondary schoolgirls from attending classes.

Months later on March 23, the education ministry opened secondary schools for girls, but within hours the Taliban leadership ordered them shut again.

Since then, more than a million teenage girls have been deprived of education across the country, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said.

“This is a tragic, shameful, and entirely avoidable anniversary,” Markus Potzel, the acting head of UNAMA, said in a statement.

“It is profoundly damaging to a generation of girls and to the future of Afghanistan itself,” he said, adding the ban had no parallel in the world.

UN chief Antonio Gute­rres urged the Taliban to revoke the ban.

“A year of lost knowledge and opportunity that they will never get back,” Guterres said on Twitter.

“Girls belong in school. The Taliban must let them back in.” Several Taliban officials say the ban is only temporary, but they have also wheeled out a litany of excuses for the closures — from a lack of funds to time needed to remodel the syllabus along Islamic lines.

Earlier this month, the education minister, Noor­ullah Munir, was quoted by local media as saying it was a cultural issue, as many rural people did not want their teenage daughters to attend school.

Grade 12 student, Kawsar, who gave a fictitious name to protect her identity, said she was frustrated that her high school has been shut for a year now. — AFP


Cover photo: A group of girls head to school in Gardez, eastern Afghanistan. Five government secondary schools for girls have resumed classes in apparent defiance of a national ban. — AFP


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