UN Cautions Against ‘Hasty Actions’ on Ukraine

Deposed Ukraine President Yanukovych
Deposed Ukraine President Yanukovych

UNITED NATIONS, March 11 (IANS) “Increasingly alarmed” by the developments in Ukraine, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Monday cautioned against “hasty actions” and “provocative rhetoric”, and called on the international community to help calm the situation in the country.

“Recent events in Crimea in particular have only served to deepen the (Ukraine) crisis,” Xinhua quoted Ban as saying in a statement. “As tensions and mistrust are growing, I urge all sides to refrain from hasty actions and provocative rhetoric.”

The UN chief stressed that the international community must help the key actors to calm the situation and work toward a durable and fair political solution.

“A further deterioration of the situation would have serious repercussions for the people of Ukraine, the region and the global community,” he said.

In his statement, Ban said that since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, he has appealed to all parties to de-escalate tensions and to engage in direct and constructive dialogue in order to forge a peaceful way forward.

“Above all, a resolution of the crisis must be found on the basis of United Nations Charter principles, including the peaceful settlement of disputes and respect for the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” he added.

He also urged the relevant authorities to ensure that the human rights of all in Ukraine are respected, with particular attention to the rights and protection of minorities.

The Ukrainian political crisis, originated from public anger over ousted President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision in November last year to put on hold an association agreement with the European Union in order to get the Russian aid, took an abrupt turn last month as a result of bloody clashes between protesters and police.

Ukraine’s autonomous republic of Crimea became the epicentre of an ongoing tension in the East European country. The Crimean parliament Thursday voted to join Russia and a referendum on Crimea’s status would be held March 16.


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