UK Visa Waiver for UAE, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait



The number of Arab and Gulf visitors to the UK have consistently grown in the past few years.
The number of Arab and Gulf visitors to the UK have consistently grown in the past few years.

ABU DHABI, Nov 13 — The British Home Office is to launch a new visa waiver scheme early next year to make it cheaper and easier for business travelers and tourists to visit the United Kingdom from the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, according to the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The new electronic visa waiver (EVW) will be free of charge and is a quick and simple alternative to a visa application. Its introduction is expected to increase the number of visits from Emiratis, Qataris, Omanis and Kuwaitis and reflects the strong ties between the U.K. and these countries.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced the new scheme at the Lord Mayor of London’s annual dinner last night. It is expected to launch in the UAE, Oman and Qatar in early 2014 and similar arrangements will be extended to Kuwaiti passport holders later on in the year, the British Embassy said in a press release.

Applicants will need to submit an EVW online at least 48 hours before they are due to travel and it will do away with the need to provide bio-metric information, attend an appointment at a visa application centre or hand in passports prior to travel. The EVW will be available for visits of up to six months, however those arriving to the U.K. to work or study will still need to apply for visas in the normal way.

The British Ambassador to the UAE, Dominic Jermey, said, “I am very pleased that the British Government is enabling easier access to the UK for Emiratis. The UK and UAE share many close ties and our nationals are frequent visitors to each others’ shores. I look forward to welcoming many more Emiratis to the UK.” The British Embassy said further details on the scheme will be announced in due course, and until then current visa rules will apply and visitors can check the UKBA website for the latest information. –Wam


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