UAE Remains Proud and Steadfast on 44th National Day

The national day grand parade at Down Town Dubai to celebrate national day of UAE in Dubai. Image courtesy: Rahul Gajjar/Khaleej Times
The national day grand parade at Down Town Dubai to celebrate national day of UAE in Dubai. Image courtesy: Rahul Gajjar/Khaleej Times

ABU DHABI (WAM) – On the occasion of the UAE National Day, the UAE President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan; His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai; His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces; and Their Highnesses Members of the Supreme Council and Rulers of the Emirates, issued their statements to The Nation’s Shield magazine.

Khalifa urges all to follow this ten-point  programme as a tribute to the martyrs1. Happiness of UAE citizens as top priority of our federal and local governments,

2. Increasing federal financial allocations to improve the quality of life.

3. Maintaining the balanced policy of our national economy, opening up to the world to spur growth and ensure sustainable development.

4. Pursuing diligent government efforts to build a national economy far removed from dependence on oil revenue by investing in human development, technology and innovation.

5. More focused efforts to develop practices that promote national identity and loyalty.

6. Paying more attention to the teaching as it is a profitable investment in the future we aspire for our nation.

7. Mobilising and directing efforts to promote the social responsibility concept, so it can become an officially sanctioned approach, culture and practice in our lives.

8. Intensifying efforts to build a national responsible media.

9. Maximising government efforts to invest in the youth to nurture the spirit of innovation.

10. Developing and introducing national legislations, policies and priorities to enable the state to always remain an oasis of security and stability, a thriving, attractive investment destination.

Following are excerpts from their statements:

A day UAE remembers with pride: Shaikh Khalifa

Shaikh Khalifa congratulated Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid , Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Their Highnesses Members of the Supreme Council and Rulers of the Emirates, as well as commanders, officers, personnel and recruits of the gallant UAE Armed Forces, security agencies and the people of the UAE for their sincere participation in the defence of the nation, its gains and achievements.

Underlining the relevance of December 2 as a day the nation remembers with pride and reverence life of the founding father of the Union, the late Shaikh Zayed, and his brothers the late founding fathers, he said: “Thanks to their far-sighted vision, our nation to the world is a successful development model presenting to the world a pioneering experiment in justice, rule of law, economic diversification, judicious harnessing of resources and sustainable development. These spectacular achievements…have placed the UAE among the top and most advanced nations.”

Focusing on the issue of Arab unity, Shaikh Khalifa said: “Building our security capabilities, sustaining social peace, advancing initiatives for GCC joint security and integration, contributing effectively to safeguarding Arab unity and preserving regional security, are not only well-established priorities in our national policy, but also form the essence of the trust and responsibility our fathers passed on to us.

“To that end, we will forge ahead in full partnership with fellow leaders to confront any threats to the security, peace and stability of the GCC and Arab countries. To advance this declared policy, we have been among the founders of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition to restore right and legitimacy in Yemen. We actively participated in Operation Decisive Storm, and today we are participating in Operation Restoring Hope, which aims to preserve the independence, security, sovereignty and unity of sisterly Yemen and help its people launch a process for building, development and progress of their country.”

Condemning terrorism as a menace that poses an existential threat to the social fabric of states, he said: “Our country is actively participating in the international counter-terrorism coalition as part of our efforts to deter extremism and violence…Participation in the global anti-terror fight is an imperative and must-do act as the world will not see security or stability, or development, without eradicating it. ..We will neither compromise our state’s security nor that of our brothers.”

“We have lost martyrs, who offered their lives in defence of their nation and its values. All of us have a duty, which is to remain loyal to the values for which they offered their lives, to complete what they have begun, to instill in the hearts and minds of our children the values of sacrifice and loyalty and to work together to keep our nation, for which those martyrs offered their lives, ever stronger and respectable.”

We are people of peace: Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid

Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid spoke mainly on the commanders, officers and soldiers of our courageous Armed Forces who laid their lives for the honour of the nation.

Our martyrs have added a sublime dimension to our National Day celebrations, and from now on, the National Day and Martyrs’ Day will be celebrated together to show the highest dedication to patriotism, uphold the values of generous giving, as martyrdom is an unrivalled honour and sacrificing one’s life for the homeland is the most sublime offering.

“The radiance of martyrdom is engulfing our society and people, enhancing cohesion and solidarity. Our martyrs’ lives continue to inspire our young generations and tell the stories of sincere men, men who have been true to their covenant with Allah and have never changed their determination in the least. These are the stories of heroic fathers, brothers, cousins, fellow tribesmen and compatriots…

Emiratis have proven that they are capable of building development and achieving renaissance, and that they are intrepid and firm too.

They have shown their true essence when they responded to the call of duty and proved that prosperity has not made us idle, but rather it has fueled our strength and determination,” he said.

Talking about the crises in other Arab countries, Shaikh Mohammed said: “We were and will always be people of peace, building and development. But we will counter whoever plots to target us with evil acts, they will be fended off by us using full force, and if war is imposed on us, then we will fight. We have never embarked on aggression on others, but we are always ready to counter whoever attempts to attack us.

The aggressors cannot recognise the fact that the shared security of the Gulf Cooperation member states is part and parcel of Arab security. They also fail to recognise that the security of the GCC countries is closely connected with the security of Yemen and that the GCC countries will not allow Yemen to become a source of danger for their security and stability.”

UAE a promoter of peace: Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed

Recalling the glorious past of the UAE, Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed on his part said: “On a day like this in 1971, the dawn of the Union appeared and our nation embarked on its confident and victorious journey towards progress and development. Our nation’s ambitions have become a reality, thanks to our wise leadership and the unity of our people, a reality embodied in the UAE Vision 2021, which aims to make the UAE one of the best countries in the world by its 50th anniversary.

The determination of our leadership to honour our martyrs and provide full care for their families, at all levels, confirms the commitment of our nation towards its children who have sacrificed their lives for it.

Despite a recent decline in oil prices, our development plans and future aspirations have not been affected. This is because we realised at an early stage the danger of relying too heavily on oil as a source of income and have worked hard to build a more knowledge-based, diversified economy. Therefore, we have focused on industrial development, tourism, renewable energy, space and nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, in addition to development projects that have provided our national economy with additional sources of income.

The war against terrorist groups of all types is a war against attempts to destroy human civilisation and its gains, and in such a war there is no choice but to prevail.

Throughout its history, the UAE has been a promoter of peace and a symbol of development and tolerance among people, cultures and civilisations. That is why it views extremism and violence as the biggest threat to the security and stability of societies. The UAE maintains that terrorism cannot be restricted to a certain people, religion or culture, necessitating an international effort to combat it.

What we aspire to for our country is greatness: Shaikh Sultan

His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, on the occasion conveyed his greetings to Shaikh Khalifa, Their Highnesses Members of the Supreme Council and Rulers of the UAE, and its people.

“The dreams and ambitions of this country have no limits, and its pursuit to fulfill its dreams and ambitions will never cease.

Difficult times are being experienced in the world and in Arab nations, and perhaps it is difficult for many to overcome the troubles and the fears of their repercussions and implications which can bring down the confidence of many souls, he said.

Martyrs have raised UAE flag high: Shaikh Hamad

The country’s fallen heroes have demonstrated the greatness of the UAE in front of the world, His Highness Shaikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Fujairah, said in his statement on the UAE National Day.

“They became martyrs (defending) righteousness … They are a clear example of our country’s unity and faith in our homeland,” Shaikh Hamad said in a statement on the UAE’s 44th National Day. “Our brave sons, the martyrs and … the UAE soldiers who are completing their mission … have raised the UAE flag in the skies of glory. We appreciate their sacrifices in civil, military and humanitarian fields.”

December 2 is the day to reaffirm loyalty to the country, said Shaikh Hamad.

“Forty-four years have passed since the establishment of our beloved nation … The founding fathers … believed in the nation and its unity, and enabled it to lead the world in many fields of innovation and development.

“Today, we realise that we don’t live in isolation from the world. The changes and development witnessed in the country require us to constantly adopt strategies to promote and enhance stability and to maintain regional and international peace and security.

UAE keen to harness resources: Shaikh Humaid

His Highness Shaikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman, said the UAE is keen to harness its capabilities and resources to strengthen the role of the Armed Forces and other security agencies to protect the UAE’s achievements and preserve its gains.

Our blessed nation is keen to harness all its capabilities and resources to strengthen the role of the armed forces and other security agencies to protect the UAE’s achievements and preserve its gains. The UAE’s Armed Forces responded to the call of duty in peace and in war, hands holding a weapon, building and constructing, which embodied the truly high status reached by our armed forces.

On National Day, we do not forget those who sacrificed their lives to ensure that the UAE flag remains flying high with glory, and to achieve victory for their religion and support their brothers.

Our martyrs are role models: Shaikh Saud bin Rashid

His Highness Shaikh Saud bin Rashid Al Mualla, Member of Supreme Council and Ruler of Umm Al Quwain, in his statement hailed the country’s ‘prudent leadership’, that has given priority to development programmes and praised families of martyrs.

The UAE government, led by Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has worked to achieve the wise leadership’s vision to set long-term strategies and policies aimed at developing national human resources, based on the fact that human resources are the corner stone of development. This is the strategic objective adopted by all government initiatives.

Our martyrs are role models in the field of loyalty and sacrifice. Families of martyrs have become a perfect symbol of the loyalty and preparations for sacrifice of which we all feel proud.

We greet our brave martyrs, we bestow glory on them and eternal commemoration for them, as well as express our pride in their families for their sacrifices.

UAE committed to Arab identity, Union: Shaikh Saud bin Saqr

His Highness Shaikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Member of Supreme Council and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, focused on the achievements of the UAE over the last 44 years, on the occasion of the 44th National Day. He said that those achievements catapulted the UAE to top ranking at both regional and international levels.

“Today, we celebrate an anniversary that is very dear to our hearts. It represents a landmark in the history of this beloved country, which set the most successful modern federal example that is referred to as one of the world’s fastest growing economies in terms of human resources. The achievements attained by the UAE over the last 44 years strike us with awe and admiration in the light of the ranking of the UAE at regional and international levels.

“We have been committed to our national and Arab identity, as well as the Union’s principles out of sheer belief that the Union is our destiny.

There is no better way to safeguard our security and prosperity than through our federal state, led by Shaikh Khalifa, to tackle challenges and difficulties to preserve our national gains. – Wam


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