Two Boys Who Raised Suspicion at Shaheen Bagh Released by Police

Women sit in at Shaheen Bagh. — (Photo: Caravan Daly

Mohd Aasif | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI — Two boys caught making sinister videos and passing lewd remarks on women at the Shaheen Bagh sit-in protest site on polling day in Delhi were set free by the police after a so-called investigation. A cop at Shaheen Bagh police station said the boys had no link with Bajrang Dal or any other Hindutva organisation.

The boys who were caught making videos.

“They were set free after due investigations,” said inspector Sanjay Verma. As per the police, the boys were just ‘curious’ about the happenings in Shaheen Bagh.

Faizul, an eye witness who suspected the activities of the two at around the sit-in site told Caravan Daily that they identified themselves as Manish Choudhary and Bittu Kumar. They were found mingling with the protesters and secretly making videos of the conversations of the people standing in groups. Their progressive intrusions into different groups there drew suspicion. “I brought them to the legal help desk the moment I suspected them,” Faizul said.

The legal team in Shaheen Bagh investigated the matter. Phones of both boys were examined. Whatsapp messages found in one of their phones referred to Shaheen Bagh, and these were of an objectionable kind. Also, Advocate M. Anwar suspects that they were planning something big in order to dismantle the protest sit-in by women.

Two separate incidents also involving intruders carrying guns have happened in recent days at Shaheen Bagh. In one, a man fired two shots; and in the other incident, an intruder had touted it openly at the gathering to scare women.

Protesters have been a target for BJP politicians and goons. This was the third incident of intrusion with suspected yet unclear motives. Notably, all such intruders were treated by the stage managers at Shaheen Bagh with dignity and care, made no effort to humiliate them, and instead handed them over to the police.

In this incident too, the accused were brought to a safe place, the legal help desk, and provided with water and tea. Later on, both the accused were handed over to the station house cfficer of Shaheen Bagh, along with a written complaint. No FIR against the two boys was lodged. The boys have also signed a letter saying they were neither manhandled nor misbehaved with by the protesters.

Advocate M. Anwar, a member of legal help desk, has said that if cops have properly investigated the matter, the boys would have been charged with several Sections of the IPC. “As per their activities, and prima facie, they should have been charged with Sections 153A and 295.”

The volunteers at Shaheen Bagh have started taking extra care on the security part. Along with frisking, as also use of metal detectors, CCTV cameras have been installed in the protest vicinity to keep track of the surroundings. Recalling all the incidents, Advocate Anwar said these showed there were lapses on the police side.

As the incidents took place during the model code of conduct, “the police is solely responsible for what happened in the past few days in Shaheen Bagh,” he said.


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