Twitter Suspends Pro-Muslim Accounts without Any Explanation


Activist Saket Gokhale said the action has been taken to please the government

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI — Netizens criticised micro-blogging platform Twitter for suspending some handles which used to raise issues concerning Indian Muslims. These handles are @IndianMuslimas, @IndianMuslims and @StandwKashmir.

It has been two days Twitter is yet to restore their accounts even after criticism.

Many influential Twitteratti have asked that on what ground, these account were suspended.

Expressing his shock over the suspension of these accounts, activist Saket Gokhale said Twitter is suspending these accounts to please Narendra Modi government.

The suspension of these accounts came after Twitter faced massive criticism for withholding temporarily many prominent accounts including The Caravan magazine. These accounts are critical of Narendra Modi government and its policies. They were resorted after the move evoked outrage on social media.

There had been conflicts between the Central government and Twitter after it restored their accounts. Soon after that, the government introduced new rules for social media groups and digital media. Critics say these rules are aimed at controlling the digital media.




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