Twitter Suspends Muslim Journalist Ahmed Khabeer’s Account


Team Clarion

NEW DELHI – In yet another demonstration of Islamophobia in India there has been no protests over Twitter’s arbitrary suspension of Ahmed Khabeer’s account, founding editor of the Jamia Times.

Elon Musk, owner and CEO of Twitter, recently rescinded his decision to suspend the accounts of at least nine tech journalists last week bowing to the incessant demand from Twitter users.

Oddly, the same attention has not been accorded to the arbitrary suspension of Khabeer’s account. Khabeer is also a correspondent for the Jamia Times, an news portal.

Khabeer said he got the shock of his life on December 22 to read a notice from Twitter that his account was being “suspended after careful review”. No reason was given, but he has the option to appeal the suspension if he thought the decision was wrong.

The only reason for the account suspension one feels is because of Khabeer’s religious identity. He always speaks up for human and civil rights against fascist Islamophobes in India. His case has elicited no concern in the mainstream media, let alone any effort to know the reasons behind the arbitrary action.

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