Twitter Reacts Strongly to the Shortage of Rooh Afza in India


Caravan News

NEW DELHI – Twitter users are reacting strongly over the shortage of beverage Rooh Afza in India. They are expressing their displeasure over the unavailability of Rooh Afza, particularly the Muslim Community since the beverage is widely consumed in the month of Ramadan during Iftar.

Fretting over the unavailability of the beverage, Muslims say their Iftar is incomplete without Rooh Afza. Some people are, however, recommending alternative drinks to them. Soon Rooh Afza took to Twitter and assured its consumers that the production is in full swing and that it will soon be available in markets.

According to a story published on The Print, “the sherbet has been off the market in India for last four to five months”.

Production has restarted only recently, said one of the directors of Hamdard, Mufti Shaukat.

“RoohAfza will be back soon,” he said.

A receptionist at the Hamdard office gave an estimate of 15-20 days before the sherbet is back on the market.

Hamdard put out no official word on why it stopped production, but tried blaming it on the shortage of “raw material”. The truth, a source claimed, has to do with a family dispute.


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