Twitter CEO Faces Criticism for Donating to RSS-Linked Sewa International

New Delhi: Twitter Co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey poses with the students of IIT Delhi at the launch of a “youth initiative”, on Nov 12, 2018. (Photo: IANS)

Jack Dorsey’s donation comes even as journalists and activists warned him against associating with a wing of right-wing extremist organisation which supports BJP govt’s massive crimes including abandoning Indian citizens in this pandemic

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NEW DELHI— Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is facing heat for donating millions of dollar to an organisation with links to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a Hindu right-wing extremist organisation, as aid to support India in its fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

Taking to Twitter, Dorsey announced that he was donating $15 million that will go to three NGOs – Care ($10 million), Aid India ($2.5 million) and Sewa International ($2.5 million) for relief work.

Dorsey’s donation came even as journalists and activists had warned against doing so as they had flagged how Sewa International works as the welfare wing of the RSS. “Apart from supporting BJP govt’s massive crimes including abandoning Indian citizens in this pandemic, they also traffic children from tribal areas to indoctrinate them,” journalist Neha Dixit wrote in a tweet on May 4.

After his announcement a number of activists and social media users commented how they had warned people to not donate to Sewa International which has links to RSS.

Another user Sootradhar reacted to Twitter CEO’s donation to Sewa international saying,”Let the Outrage Begin.”

Activists Md Asif Khan asked the Twitter CEO, “Why are you funding hate in India?”

Twitter is already facing allegations in India of colluding with the Modi government in suppressing the government critics and giving platform to hate mongers and trolls.
In his statement, Dorsey describes Sewa International as Hindu faith-based non-profit organisation in Texas.

Dorsey is said to have donated $397 in aid to different organisations worldwide to address the pandemic woos. He claims to maintain a tracker to see if the donations are used properly.

Sewa intentionally tweeted on Sunday thanking the CEO of the tech company for choosing them as the recipients of his donations.


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