Hours after the final draft of NRC made public Monday morning, TV channels made a mockery of Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s balanced approach over the issue and declared those missing in the NRC list as ‘infiltrators’.

Mumtaz Alam | Caravan News

NEW DELHI: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has wisely taken a balanced and responsible approach over the issue of NRC (National Register of Citizens), saying the list issued on Monday is only a final draft, not final list, and people who could not make to the list need not be panic. But TV channels have run amok on the issue and their provocative, irresponsible contents are threatening to fail the Home Minister.

As the Opposition parties criticized the Narendra Modi government over exclusion of 40 lakh people from the final draft of NRC, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the draft of NRC that was published on Monday was not the final list and there was no need to create panic, while urging the opposition not to politicise it. He also assured that people whose names are not included in the final draft will get the opportunity to prove their citizenship.

“Whatever work is going on in the NRC, is happening under the supervision of the Supreme Court. To say that the government has done it, and it is inhuman and brutal…such allegations are baseless. It is not the right thing to say,” Rajnath Singh told the Lok Sabha during Zero Hour.

In a statement released later, Rajnath Singh said he wanted to “emphatically say that this is only a draft and not the final NRC”.

The final draft comprising the names of 2.89 crore people of Assam was published online by the Registrar General of India. Some 3.29 people had submitted their documents for inclusion in the NRC.

Urging not to create panic, he also said that if anyone was not satisfied with the final draft of the NRC, that person would get an opportunity to file claims and objections as per provisions in the law and also approach the Foreigners’ Tribunal. Only after the disposal of claims and objections, will the final NRC be published, he said.

Appealing to the House, the Minister said: “This is a very sensitive issue. Everyone should lend their support. I want to make it clear…you can express your anger…but let me tell you that the government is not doing anything…everything is being done under the supervision of Supreme Court.”

Trinamool Congress’ Sudip Bandyopadhyay, whose party moved an adjournment motion on the issue, asked where these 40 lakh people, whose names have not figured in the final draft, will go.

“It is inhuman. It is a mental torture. I would request the Central Government and Home Minister to take this issue up very seriously. Justice should not be denied to these people at any cost. Fresh revision should be the top priority. If necessary, amendment must be moved so that these people may get shelter,” Roy was quoted as saying by IANS.

“Why has this step been taken only in Assam? Why not in other states? Government must assure that these 40 lakh people will not be denied justice,” he added.

TV channels go into lynch mode

Defying the approach of the central government and Home Minister Rajnath Singh, several leading Hindi channels went into a sort of lynch mode and blatantly declared the 40 lakh people as ‘infiltrators’.

The channels flashed ads in form of texts, photos and videos on Twitter highlighting their evening debates on the issue of Assam NRC.

Here are some of them:

Leading Hindi TV channel Aaj Tak wrote this promo for the program: “Infiltrator ‘Muslims’, Leaders Worried?”

News18India went a step ahead: Who is looking for religion among 40 lakh infiltrators? Who made country shelter home for votes?

Zee News had this headline: Why political alliance with ‘infiltrators’? When will come no-confidence against infiltrators?”


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