Trustee of Mumbai’s Jama Masjid Takes Political Plunge, Secures BSP Nomination


Noted activist Shoaib Khatib vows to address social issues in South Mumbai

Team Clarion

MUMBAI — Shoaib Khatib, a trustee of Mumbai’s historic Jama Masjid and a prominent social worker, has ventured into active politics by filing his nomination papers on the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) ticket for the South Mumbai Lok Sabha seat. Khatib’s foray into politics has garnered attention, particularly due to his dedication to public service and advocacy for minority and Muslim communities in the region.

Renowned for his extensive involvement in social welfare initiatives, Khatib’s decision to contest the upcoming elections has sparked discussions across South Mumbai. His candidacy adds a new dimension to the electoral landscape, promising a three-way contest for the prestigious constituency.

Khatib said his primary focus will be on addressing crucial issues such as education, healthcare, rehabilitation, communal harmony, and combating divisive politics. His entry into the political arena underscores his commitment to effecting meaningful change and amplifying the voices of marginalised communities.

Khatib’s notable contributions as the trustee of the Jama Masjid have earned him widespread acclaim. Beyond his religious duties, he has actively engaged in various public and social welfare endeavours, drawing attention to pressing societal concerns.

Among Khatib’s pivotal interventions was his successful challenge against a controversial circular issued by the Mumbai municipal corporation mandating cremation of Muslims who succumbed to COVID-19, akin to other religions. Through meticulous representation and protest, Khatib managed to get the discriminatory directive overturned, safeguarding the religious sentiments of the Muslim community.

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