True Nationalism — Badri Raina



BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily

Any “true nationalist” would know

Who enslaved the sanaatan Indian mind—

It was that wily Macaulay

And his obliging subsequent kind.


For two distorted centuries now

His corrupted progeny

Browbeat all things indigenous

With elitist Western hegemony.


“True nationalists” seek endorsement

From people here at home;

They do not fawn on agencies

In England, America, Rome.


Which is why when our destitute farmers,

Our Dalits, youth, or Patidars,

Those Muslims and disloyal retailers

Proclaim our economic failures


We do not stand on false prestige,

But our nationalism we renew

Through certificates from Moody’s,

From the World Bank and from Pew.


But we take care to neutralize

Our foreign complicity

With nationalist obeisance

To Rani Padminii,

Whom no Moody’s, Pew or World Bank

Has pronounced a mythical entity.


You do not win unless you know

How to eat the cake and have it too.


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