Trolls Force Zaira Wasim to Quit Social Media After She Quotes from Quran on Locusts


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NEW DELHI – Former Bollywood actor Zaira Wasim had to deactivate her social media pages in the wake of an intemperate attack from Internet trolls over one of her tweets. Her only fault was that in a reaction to the locust attack, she had shared a verse from the Holy Quran on her Twitter account On May 27.

However, she is back on social media after a brief interval.

The verse Wasim tweeted was lifted from seventh chapter of the Islamic holy book that read: “So, We sent upon them the flood and locusts and lice and frogs and blood: Signs openly self-explained: but they were steeped in arrogance – a people given to sin.”

Her tweet drew a wave of adverse and hostile response with swarms of social media trolls unleashing a barrage of hostile comments accusing her of justification of the locust attack under the cover of religion. Questioning her motive behind sharing the verse, they mocked at her faith. When it became too much to handle, she opted to quit social media.

While some attributed her tweet to a religious streak they have seen in her attitude since she quit Bollywood citing religious reasons, others though it their duty to advise her against involving herself in fresh controversies.

One Twitter user thought it right to give her a pious advice:  “#ZairaWasim you left acting for quitting Twitter, Instagram and this list will goes on in future..Your stubborn religious thoughts harming you and really feel sad about it.. wish you come out of it as soon as possible..coz we love you and miss you.”

Another tweeted: “Being religious is good but being too religious could he the reason of senceless thinking.”

The hashtag #ZairaWasim trended on Twitter as some people came out in her support while many others slammed her for tweeting the Quranic verse.

The trolling took a heavy toll on the former child actor. So much so that she deactivated her Twitter and Instagram at once.

Wasim quit her acting career in July last year after being featured in a few Bollywood flicks. She cited Islam as a reason for her shift. That time, trolls attacked her for preferring her faith to acting.

While her supporters said that the attacks on her reek of Islamophobia, her critics denied that this was case. Some pointed out that the phenomenon of locust attack finds mention in all major scriptures. People in India are invoking Biblical references to explain the phenomenon. Why then single out Wasim for such aggressive online attacks.

Meanwhile, the locusts have swarmed across continents and affected scores of countries, including India and Pakistan. However, for an Indian TV anchor, a notorious Islamophobe, it is a Pakistani conspiracy to destroy India. A viral video clip showed people poking fun into his bizarre claim.


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