Trilokpuri Violence: Mushawarat Writes to LG, Delhi



NEW DELHI –  The situation in Delhi’s Triokpuri area is serious at this very moment. Violence erupted last night over a petty dispute and it was promptly controlled by the security forces. But on Saturday a crowd of some 400-500 hooligans has gathered again. They surrounded Muslims homes in the area, said Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, President, All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat in a statement.

They were armed with revolvers and other arms and at present are pelting at Muslims homes. Muslims have locked themselves in and many have taken refuge on the roofs of their houses. Though no casualty is reported yet, around a dozen persons have been injured by the stone-pelting. The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the apex body of Muslim organisations, has sent an SOS to the Lt. Governor, Delhi, requesting him to intervene and to provide adequate force to control the hooligans. Following text was sent to the Lieutenant Governor.

Respected Sir,

There is communal tension in Trilokpuri since last night . it was controlled by police last night but today since 11.30 am about 400 hooligans are surrounding and stoning Muslim homes. Police is hopelessly outnumbered and helpless. Mr Irshad Ali living in  Block 15, Trilokpuri (099103XXXXX) tells us the situation is serious and police reinforcement is urgently needed. Your urgent intervention is requested.

Yours sincerely

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan

President, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat;

Editor, Milli Gazette, New Delhi

Activist Kiran Shaheen sends this update from Trilokpuri

Oct 25, 2014 2:28 PM,   Subject: Most Urgent : Please keep yourself Awake
Hi All, Been there a while ago. Too tensed a situation.
1. Since yesterday evening there is mounting communal tension in Trilok Puri area of east Delhi, near Mayur vihar.
2. I  block 15-20- 27 junction a Mata ki chauki was set up and was supposed to be over by Diwali. On Diwali night some heated exchange between both communities; stoning. Two youth arrested, police acted a bit and situation got under control by night.
3. Yesterday on Friday night again former BJP MLA and others came and said to be threatened to build a temple there; Tension mounted, stoning, firing between, 2 people wounded. At 10 pm night some 3-4 thousand outsiders came shouting and continued abusing, stoning till 12 midnight; Heavy police and Rapid action force gathered.
4. Today morning was fine till at 10 am, people started stoning and random firing  from majority community goons started, in response stones pelted. Police is there but nothing doing.
5. Now on the spot : Police and RAF there but random firing is on and in retaliation stone pelting is on. Just now around 3000 ppl started a meeting in Block no 18 to discuss further strategy. Police says they are talking peace. But only one major community ppl, mostly outsider. Local harmony not being seen.
6. I spoke to MLA who took a round with police for half an hour in the neighbouring area and now sitting at home.
7. Section 144 urgently needed, police is not responding on that. Today two festivals Bhai Dooj and One more. Chauki still there.
8. A new phenomenon in urban tension map – Dalits v/S Muslims. We are advised not to go there or may get arrested or stoned, have called local activists at my place and Asad and others are coming , then we decide.
9. In touch with a few delhi group.
10. Some comrades are trying to contact senior police /LG for section 144 imposition.
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