‘Throw out Govt’ Priyanka Leads Agnipath Protest in Delhi


NEW DELHI – Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra led the Congress protest at Jantar Mantar here on Sunday against the central government’s new scheme of recruitment in defence forces, ‘Agnipath’. Several Congress leaders also joined the protest.

Priyanka Gandhi said, “No one is a greater patriot than the youth. I talked to many youths when I was arrested in Uttar Pradesh. I saw youths who were preparing, waiting for recruitment in the army. Found many who said there is no hope left and are now going to sell sugarcane.”

Appealing to the youth, she said, “Throw out the government in a democratic, peaceful and non-violent way. Bring a government that is true to the nation and protects the country’s assets.”

Several top leaders of the Congress participated in what the party called ‘satyagrah’ and demanded the government to withdraw the Agnipath scheme. The Congress leaders said the government should immediately withdraw this scheme as it is not good for the youth.

Priyanka Gandhi said, “You dream to get into the army, you dream to die on the border, no one is a greater patriot than you, just recognize the fake patriots. See the intention of the government, whatever protest you do, do it peacefully, but do not stop, do not get tired, every soldier of the Congress is with you.”

“Understand the situation. Why did farmers have to agitate? Because they understood that their hard earned money was going to someone else,” she said.

She further said, “This government is not for you, but for big corporates, it is all a thought out plan — to stay in power. Several industries were closed which could have given you employment. And now your dream to get into the army has also been crushed.”

Heavy deployment of security forces was seen at the protest site.

Youths across the country have been protesting against the Agnipath scheme and incidents of violence have been reported from many cities and towns. -IANS


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