Thousands of Acres of Land Doled Out to Corporate Cronies by Modi

Manan Trivedi and Shabnam Hashmi release the ANHAD report on Gujarat land irregularities at a press conference in New Delhi on Saturday.
Manan Trivedi and Shabnam Hashmi release the ANHAD report on Gujarat land irregularities at a press conference in New Delhi on Saturday.


NEW DELHI, Nov 23 — The Narendra Modi government in Gujarat doled out thousands of acres of land worth crores of rupees to Adani group on throwaway prices, many a time breaching all rules and flouting norms, documents obtained through Right to Information (RTI) Act and released on Saturday by ANHAD, a New Delhi-based NGO.

“The District Valuation Committee set up by the Gujarat Govt set the price very low so that land could be given at cheap rates. Even then the rates charged in most of the cases are much lower than the rates prescribed by the valuation committee”, ANHAD’s Shabnam Hashmi and Manan Trivedi said while releasing the documents.

Stating that documents will make clear where the corporate love for Modi is originating from and break the myth of good governance and transparency, ANHAD claimed, “The price of land charged from Adani was between Rs. 2.5- Rs 25 per sq meter when the market rate was between Rs 1000 to Rs.1,500 a square metre.”

It also claimed that 5,46,56,819 sq mtr (5465 Hectare) of land was sold to Adani through 30 orders from 2005 to 2007 for SEZ. “All rules were bent backwards. Twenty five applications for land were submitted on two consecutive days – 22 & 23 /12/03 and the other five on 23/12/2003, 5/10/2004, 23/06/2006, 3/07/2006 and for the last application date is not available.

“Out of the 28 orders by the collector Kutch which are in our possession the land sold in as many as 23 orders are as per one single resolution of the Revenue Department, Gujarat Government, Gandhi Nagar No.

“Land/industry/5604/1534/A. 1 dated: dated 27/6/2005. Under this Revenue Dept order twenty four different orders for giving land to Adani were issued by the collector on a single day on 15/7/2005. The land was divided on paper into smaller sizes so as not to attract auction rules and was doled out to Adani at much cheaper rates than the market price”, it claimed.

“In 2005 the land rate for commercial purpose as described in the Jantri was Rs 1,000, but the state government’s rate review committee recovered only Rs 7.50 per meter instead of prescribed rate of Rs 300 per meter considering 30% premium rate.

“Since this was ‘gauchar’ land the government should have collected Rs 1300 per meter, but instead it recovered only Rs 7.50 per meter. For 49.17 lakh square meter of ‘gauchar’ land, the government should have charged Rs 147.46 crore but state government’s committee charged only Rs 3.68 crore. Commission should recover Rs 143.77 crore the difference, the amount from Adani at 24 per cent interest”, ANHAD said based on the submission made in MB Shah Commission by local Kutch public representative.

Stating that a huge amount of pasture land was sold off to Adani totally ignoring the required pasture land requirement thus destroying the animal husbandry in the area, ANHAD functionaries said, “14 villages in the project area are dominated by Rabaris (a traditional cattle /buffalo rearing community relying entirely on animal husbandry) Gujarat government order (2002) directs that every village has to have 40 acres of gauchar land for 100 animals.

“The gauchar land available in these villages from which gauchar was sold was already inadequate, further selling of the gauchar has totally destroyed the animal husbandry, which is the main livelihood of the community.”

“The Adani group got the land for industrial use and port development, but it sold/leased out a significant portion of it to other corporate groups at much higher rates, flouting norms”, ANHAD claimed. The report has been made available on and


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