Those Creating Violence Can Be Identified by Clothes: Modi

PM Narendra Modi

Caravan News

DUMKA (JHARKHAND) – Reacting to anti-CAA protests, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said “Those who are creating violence can be identified by their clothes itself”.

Alleging that the Congress can’t think beyond the family, he squarely put the blame of all the large scale violent protests against the newly enacted Citizenship Amendment Act on the Congress-led opposition.

“Congress & their allies are creating a ruckus. They are doing arson because they did not get their way. Those who are creating violence can be identified by their clothes itself,” he said addressing a rally in Jharkhand’s DUMKA.

“Congress and its allies are igniting fire over the Citizenship Amendment Act. Congress’s actions prove that all decisions taken in Parliament are correct,” said Modi, while addressing an election rally for the BJP, in Jharkhand’s Dumka.

Assam in particular and the Northeast region in general has been witnessing massive protests in the last few days, now Bengal has also joined. The death toll in protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) went up to four in Assam amidst a rail blockade, hunger strikes and sit-ins organised by various organisations, even as the curfew enforced in Guwahati was relaxed for seven hours on Saturday.

The Prime Minister, further alleged, “There’s no hope these people will do good for India or its people, their only concern is family”. The Congress has been very vocal against the Act.

PM Modi also claimed that his party is committed to bringing the youth away from the path of violence. The state has historically witnessed Maoism.

(With inputs from Agencies)


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