This is A Fight Between Indian Nationalists vs Pseudo Nationalists: Congress Attacks BJP

Udaipur festooned with Congress party flags. — IANS

UDAIPUR — Ahead of the ‘Chintan Shivir’, the Congress has attacked the BJP and alleged that core constitutional values are under unprecedented attack and the fight was between the Indian nationalists vs. pseudo nationalists.

The Congress in a statement said that the party has to meet the aspirations, ensure the security and promote the prosperity of 1.4 billion Indians from all regions of all faiths and beliefs, and all walks of life.

“The fight is between Indian nationalists vs. pseudo nationalists and those who stand with the principles of the Indian National Congress represent the Indian way of life and thought that has sustained this civilisation for 3,000 years. Not the fake Nationalism of the BJP-RSS.

“This is our 75th year of Independence, and thanks to the Modi government, the BJP and its ideological acolytes, the people of India are witnessing unprecedented attacks at the core of our nation’s constitutional values, institutional integrity, federal character and civilisational legacy,” the party said in its statement.

It alleged that the people of India today are confronting crises on multiple fronts: an economic crisis, national security crisis, societal crisis and a democratic crisis.

The party will discuss all of these challenges and how the Congress will respond to it politically and organisationally.

The statement said that Indian nationalism is at the core of Congress Party’s thought and action. “Our commitment to the Indian Nation is founded upon years of determined fight against British Rule. When BJP’s forebears and the Muslim League were forming joint governments in Sindh and West Bengal as puppets of the British, it is the Congress party that was waging a battle for India’s Freedom. The RSS didn’t even fly the National Flag for 52 years.

The party said that many leaders have sacrificed their lives from Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, S. Beant Singh, Vidya Charan Shukla, Nand Kumar Patel and lakhs of others fighting against colonialism, terrorism and naxalism.

“It is the Indian National Congress that has shown leadership during tough challenges against the territorial integrity of our nation. From Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri’s leadership during the war with Pakistan in 1965, Smt. Indira Gandhi’s heroic role in liberation of Bangladesh in 1971 to Shri Rajiv Gandhi’s firm handling of the border issue with China during the Sumdorung Chu standoff, Congress party has a stellar track record of firmly dealing with national security issues,” it said.

It said, “The political challenge today for the Indian National Congress is five-fold, and we will come up with a political action plan on rising up to these challenges.

“First, we have to retrieve our rich legacy and heritage to inspire the youth. Second, we need to redefine our ideology to reassure our party workers and supporters. Third, we have to reaffirm our commitment to the constitution, of ensuring liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship, the federal structure, the poorest and the most oppressed in society. Fourth, we have to reclaim the Indian way of life and what it means to be an Indian. Fifth, we need to reinvent our politics to transform the party, society and the nation, including politics as a form of social service, how we connect to the people on issues that matter to them, how we raise funds from the people, how we tackle lies and distortions, and how we can lead initiatives that bring people together.” the party said. — IANS


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