‘They Want to Kick Me Out’: Muslim Professor Alleges JNU Administration of Harassment


Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI – A Muslim professor, who teaches religious minority and social exclusion at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), filed a complaint with the Delhi Minority Commission (DMC), alleging that she is constantly being harassed and discriminated by the college administration, which also includes the Vice Chancellor.

She is of the opinion that she is being subjected to such treatment primarily due to her Muslim identity. Talking to Caravan Daily, Rosina Nasir said that she has been facing this hostile behavior for two years. It has been taking such a toll on her that at times she even felt like committing suicide.

“I need all the support that I can get. Otherwise, they will definitely kick me out. If anybody raises their voice, and especially if it is a woman hailing from the Muslim community, it does not bode well with them.” said Rosina.

She added that the JNUTA (Jawaharlal Nehru Teachers Association) is in her support and may release their statement on the issue. But then again, the administration does not pay any heed to their voice.

The student organization BASO (Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Student Organisation) has already released a statement in her support. Rosina also filed complaints with the National Minority Commission and National Women Commission respectively, regarding the same issues. However, she did not receive any response from either of them. She is happy that at least the DMC has taken notice of her complaint and issued a notice to the administration.

She further alleged that the administration even pressurized the students who wanted to choose her as their PhD supervisor to choose other professors instead.

One of the students who is doing PhD under Rosina, Ravneet Param, has confirmed this fact.

But according to her, the students refused to do so. Following this, their registration for the PhD had been stopped by the administration.

“We had been mailed that if we do not change our supervisor, our synopsis would not be accepted. They are enforcing an ordinance which is not applicable to us. Basically, if we change our supervisor, there will be no student with her. Her (Rosina’s) extension is till March 2020 and if there isn’t a student with a faculty in such a long time, she will not have any right to be there,” said Param, while talking to Caravan Daily.

Shee feels that the JNU administration is using these tactics in order to throw her out.

“This is being done because she is an assertive Muslim woman. The admin has a problem with such Muslims who assert their Muslim identity”, She claimed.

She said that the five students along with her are also being targeted because they are still doing their PhD under Rosina. Param informed that they will be going to court against the administration as their registration was arbitrarily cancelled.

Rosina said that she has been told to vacate the residence given to her, and in turn, leave the university. She has also been threatened that she might meet a similar fate like that of the missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed, if she doesn’t comply.

In her complaint to the DMC, Rosina said that she was not assigned classes or an opportunity to supervise M.Phil and PhD students, not allowed to attend the Centre faculty meetings and is also debarred from using the official Internet and official email id. She has even been denied a web page profile on the official JNU website.

The DMC has asked the JNU registrar to file their reply by 1st August, failing which a case will be registered against him, the VC and the Chairperson of the concerned Centre. It has also asked the administration to stop the harassment immediately and give her the salary she was has been unduly deprived of during this time.


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